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    Default Chicago - Niagra Falls - New York City - Chicago

    My in laws are travelling to USA in July and I am planning a road trip to start in Chicago visit Niagra Falls (USA side), New York City and back to Chicago.

    I will be travelling with 3 kids (7, 2, 2) and 4 adults including my wife and in laws. I have around 8 days for this and would like suggestions in terms of halts, stays, attractions and some help with times.

    Planning to travel in the week of July 4th.

    Appreciate your time in advance.


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    Default Is Canada an Option?

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    I note that you specifically say that you are going to the American side of the Falls. Since the shortest route from Chicago to the Falls and some of the best views of the Falls require heading through or into Canada, most people will recommend just that. However if there is some reason that you are not able to (you'd need passports for everyone and possibly visas for your in-laws) you should let us know first and we can tailor our recommendations to keep you in the US.


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    Default The Canadian side.

    Also on the Canadian side you will be able to see the falls lit up at night in a variety of colours. There is an Imax theatre nearby which has an excellent movie of the history of the Falls.


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