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    Default Sacramento to Brooklyn and return

    I am planning a trip to Brooklyn on December 1, 2015 returning to Sacramento on January 3, 2016. I am traveling with a dog, and would like to avoid bad weather if possible. I am not in any hurry but would like to do in under a week. I will be staying in hotels or B&B's along the way,need pet friendly accomidations. Suggestions for route etc? Traveling in Audi Q5.

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    It's quite literally impossible to give you a route to avoid bad weather on a trip 12 months away. Every single cross country route, including I-10, can and does see bad weather, and going south doesn't necessarily increase your odds of seeing good weather. Case in point, up until about a week ago, Amarillo Texas had actually seen more snow this winter than places like Chicago, Boston, and Fargo. In the days leading up to your departure, you can start to look at weather forecasts, and figure out what weather you're likely to see, and then consider alternate routes.

    The most direct route would be I-80, basically the whole way there.You can avoid some tolls and Chicago's traffic, by cutting south on I-74/I-70 across Illinois and Indiana, and then head back to I-80 via I-71/I-76 in Ohio. In good conditions, it's a drive that will take you a minimum of 5 full days on the road, in good conditions, to do this safely. That at least does give you a day or two of a cushion in case you do see some bad weather, and still want to make the trip within a week.

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    As far as pet-friendly accommodations go, Motel 6 is generally known as the most pet-friendly, with La Quinta right behind. Other places, such as Days Inn and so forth, are hit and miss depending on which property. My cousins, who travel with 2 Bostons quite often, usually stay in Motel 6's. They also said that they research an area where they are planning to stay, looking for the words "pet friendly".

    I can't speak for B&B's at all, since we've never stayed in one and my cousins don't either. But it does occur to me that they're usually not a budget conscious choice.

    Michael is correct that this is at least a 5-day trip, perhaps 6 to be comfortable with an extra day in case you have to sit out someplace to wait out the weather. From San Diego to northern NJ, we used 6 days and we didn't travel with dogs.


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