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    My hubby and I are doing a road trip in 2017. LA to Nashville. Nashville to Chicago. Then Route 66. I would like some advice on the best routes to take and attractions to see on the way. We have 6 - 7 weeks to do this in. We are from Australia and are not familiar with the roads. Hope you guys can help. Thanks

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    Default For starters.

    Hi, and Welcome to the Great American Roadtrip Forum.

    The first constant you will find as you read through these forums is that there are no such things as 'best' route or anything really. Each roadtrip is designed for the interests of the individuals, of which you have told us very little.

    However, since this trip is still years away, what you really should do now, if you have not already, is get a large wall size map of the US. My preference is the the National Geographic map for all the detail it has. The large one is excellent. You can get it from Map World. For more detail you might like to consider getting a Rand McNally road atlas, which has individual maps, in even more detail - (though not as much detail as the Melway/Sydway). These are great aids during the planning stages, and are essential to have on the road.

    When you see the detail on these maps you will realise just how many routes are available to you to get from A to B. The route you ultimately choose depends greatly on your interests.

    If you are in Melbourne or Vic, you might be interested in having a look at mine.


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    Default A lot more than a route number.

    Following on from Lifeys advice, you will find untold amounts of info and ideas by searching around the forums and trip planning pages in the tool bars above. With thousands of route and attractions to choose from it is impossible to give meaningful advice with regards to places to visit. What I would say is that I would not follow a route number over places I want to see. Route 66 was decommissioned years ago and although you can follow original sections of it, it has been largely replaced by Interstate which is not the best way to sightsee. My preference by far would be to drive into Colorado and southern Utah on the way back and drive some of the scenic byways and visit the National parks, but it's your trip and for you to decide. As you continue with your planning and get some dots on the map we can answer questions and make suggestions as you go.

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    Situated in Narre Warren Melbourne Thanks

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    Thanks for the info. My hubby wants to follow Route 66 as close as possible. He is a chev car enthusiast so we have to see lots of old cars and stuff also as well as scenic etc.

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    Default Lots of reading over the next two years.

    Quote Originally Posted by lesjean1954 View Post
    My hubby wants to follow Route 66 as close as possible. He is a chev car enthusiast so we have to see lots of old cars and stuff also as well as scenic etc.
    As one who from time to time likes to follow parts of specific routes, I understand your husband's desires. But my question is, how much does he know about what else there is, and how much he will miss by sticking to a route which basically no longer exists.

    Spend some time reading around this site, the roadtrip articles, attractions and routes, on the green bar above, and the Field Trip Forum, which has the experiences of members. Many of the trip planning threads also have valuable information, especially about Rte 66. There have also been quite a few threads recently of Aussies planning trips. You may pick up some tips from their planning process.

    Meanwhile I would also get a small exercise book and start noting down all the things of interest you read about.... especially car musea. There are a few of those across the many States. You can then mark all these places with post-it notes on the large map, and see how many come near the routes you desire to drive.

    Lifey who resides in 3040

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    Hi fellow Aussie!

    Just backing up the advice from Lifey! We were told a few weeks ago the same thing about the map and book. We now have a HUGE map of the US in our lounge room and everytime we see or hear something that we want to do, on goes the post it note.....everyone with their own colour!

    A lot of the places I have found, I got from reading some of the posts and blogs on here. Some I have never heard of, some I had forgotten, some sound really pointless but I still have to do (i.e. the 4 corners monument!)!

    By doing this is it is helping us to map out our drive and giving us more ideas!

    Have fun planning!

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    deleted due to double post!

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    Default Such a positive post.

    Wow!! Katherine.

    Sounds like you are having a ball planning your adventure. Am so pleased to hear that the suggestions have been helpful for you. I am sure that lesjean will find your comments encouraging for their trip.

    Remember when you have more questions you are always welcome to add them to your trip thread.


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