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    Default trip to yellowstone

    4 kids 4 adults 2 campers 1 bumper pull 33ft 1 fifth wheel 41foot wanting a trip in june from southern ohio with a stop in st. james minn. and boseman montana we have 2 weeks and we would like to see the badlands mt. rushmore and yellow stone park what else could we do for fun and or great places to stay

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    Default Reservations essential.

    Welcome to the Great American Roadtrip Forum.

    First things first. Do you have your reservations for Yellowstone? This might be the first thing to look at. It is highly recommended to stay within the park If there are no vacancies at the moment, check back frequently as there are often cancellation. Especially if you both want to stay in the same campground.


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    Default Where to Stop

    Since you've already planned out at least one intermediate stop (St. James) and a final destination (Bozeman) reasonable points for your other overnight stops would be somewhere in the western exurbs of Chicago as you head north along I-39, or along I-80 in western Illinois, depending on which routing you use to get to St. James; and (Bingo!) in the Rapid City area. Those two stops, along with the one in St. James would give you four reasonable days of driving to get between Ohio and Yellowstone. That would still leave you 8-10 days in the park and/or at parcel out among other stops along the way there or back.

    Now, especially with the way that Rapid City falls so neatly between St. James and Bozeman, I'd probably plan on spending two nights and a full day there whether on your way out to Yellowstone or on the way back. During that day I'd see as much as I could of the other attractions in the area as well as Mount Rushmore, such as Wind and/or Jewel Caves, the Badlands, the Crazy Horse memorial, and Devils Tower. That would work best on the leg outbound or inbound where you feel the most comfortable just making miles most days and combining it with the overnight in St. James.

    Going in the other direction, I'd probably add a fifth or even a sixth day parceled out among shorter stops with overnights. Places you should be looking at for stops of two to three hours each include Little Bighorn National Battlefield, the Mitchell Corn Palace, the Field of Dreams in Dyersville IA, Circus World in Baraboo WI, and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, again depending on exactly what route you take. And don't overlook the numerous state parks and national forests you'll be passing by. You could also include one of the places you might have missed around Rapid City.


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    I totally agree with Lifey: get your reservations at Yellowstone, pronto. Last year, we got our reservations in January and we were still staying outside of the park! Yes, we were staying in motels, but the camping reservations are just as needed, particularly if you want hookups at Yellowstone. (That would be at Fishing Bridge RV and Campground. Expect to pay about $48/night.)

    Two weeks is awfully short to go from SoOhio to Yellowstone and back again, and still have time to spend in Yellowstone. Yellowstone is worth at least a couple of days, perhaps 3. Badlands is worth at least a half day, and Mt Rushmore (which is a good 50+ miles from there) is another half day. There are several RV parks in the Custer City area, including one called the Flintstones Bedrock City on the western side of town.

    Here's a description of our journey from the Gettysburg area to Yellowstone. Go to the link and then scroll down to post #38. Continue from there to Yellowstone, which is on page 7. Page 4 starts here.


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    Duped again......

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    Default More than worth it.

    Yellowstone is worth at least a couple of days, perhaps 3.
    I would say that is the bare minimum and is actually worth more of your time, plus you could spend some time heading down to the Tetons. As Yellowstone is so vast I would also consider trying to book a couple of different campgrounds within the park to visit different areas from.

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