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    As part of a two month trip this summer, we land in San Diego on 1st August and fly out of Vegas 29th August.

    We have nothing booked, but were planning to rent a car and head up the west coast as far as San Francisco and then head thru Yosemite to Vegas with a day or two trip out to Grand Canyon.

    Just wondered if we could pick up a few tips.

    Car hire.....don't expect we'll need one in San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Vegas, so is it worth doing multiple rentals as we go along, avoiding airport locations? We would have to do this with short notice so that we are not tied down to dates....would that work out more expensive than one long rental, considering that the one way fee from San Diego to Vegas is less than the one way fee from San Francisco to Vegas?

    Any suggested highlights along the west coast?

    Route from San Francisco to Vegas via Yosemite?

    Best places to visit/stay in Yosemite?

    Avoiding Death Valley in August?

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    Welcome to RTA!

    I'd recommend you rent only one car for the whole trip, looking for the best deal when the one way SD-LV fee is factored in. You need a car in SD and LA, not so much in SF, but find a hotel in or around SF that has free parking.

    From LA, I'd take the coast highway all the way to SF (combination of US-101 and CA-1). To get to Yosemite, it depends on where in SF you are, but cross the bay on one of the bridges and get to I-580. Take that to I-205 to I-5 to CA-120.

    Yosemite to LV via DV, take CA-120 (Tioga Pass) to US-395 to CA-136 to CA-190. Leave DV on CA-190 to CA-127, turn right then immediate left on Stateline Road, this becomes Ash Meadows Road then it becomes Bell Vista Avenue into Pahrump. Turn right on NV-160 to LV.

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    Default A lot of time for more.

    Yosemite to Vegas with a day or two trip out to Grand Canyon.
    The Grand canyon is not something that can be done as a day trip from Las Vegas and have time to enjoy it. Don't get fooled into thinking that all Grand canyon tours from Vegas go to the National park, most go to the west rim which is not part of the NP and nowhere near as spectacular. Plan on spending at least one night at the South rim.

    With the time you have available have you considered visiting a little more of the man ygreat places in the west ? One example would be to take a few days and do a loop from Vegas and head into Utah for Zion and Bryce canyon NP's and then head down through Page, perhaps into Mounument valley and then to the Grand canyon before heading back to Vegas via part of route 66 through Seligman to Kingman and Hoover Dam.

    I would certainly drive through Death valley on route to Vegas, even without much time from the car it is a fascinating landscape. To break the journey between Yosemite and LV you could look at Bishop or Lone Pine.

    I agree that keeping the one car would work well.

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    In San Diego, you need a rental car. The public transportation here is atrocious and the taxi fares obnoxious. Park anywhere except downtown and near beaches, where you'll have to pay to park - most other lots are free except at Sea World and the Safari Park.

    LA is another place I have to have my own vehicle. I have a friend who lives in the Hollywood area and gets around by bus, but he will call another friend if he needs a ride to somewhere that's rather unusual.


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    You have all the time in the world and San Diego to Vegas is only a six hour drive.

    If cost is a consideration, do what I have done many times. Book two cars.

    Book a one way rental from SD to LV airport. Once there, turn in that expensive one way, one day rental and switch cars for a cheaper local rental. If you prepay for your car the entire process takes about ten minutes!

    You drive into the rental garage; they barcode your vehicle and give you a receipt immediately. Next, take your luggage DIRECTLY to the row of rental cars of the type you reserved, pick one you like, throw in the bags, and drive out. At the gate they will scan your reservation paperwork and off you go! About ten minutes. It's that fast.

    You don't have to book both cars from the same company since they are all in the same building. It just means a longer walk in between cars or even going to a different floor.

    Now, you can head up to the Grand Canyon and Utahs many National Parks, eventually making your way to the west coast. The best part is you can travel the PCH north to south which is the most convenient direction. You can then head back to LV.

    Oh, do your homework. One-way rates vary drastically from one company to another.

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    I recommend you to rent one car only.... some times it's cheaper....

    go from SD to LA to SF, and then to vegas...

    In SF you can go to napa valley for the winneries..... it's a nice place.... and Sausalitto

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