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    Default Dec/2015 - HoneyMoon Trip - From NYC to Orlando

    Hi Folks!

    Very glad to be here.. first of all a short intruduction of me.

    I'm a brazilian guy... who loves road trips. In the last 4 years I went to the West Coast several times, and did a Roadtrip from San Diego to SFO, from SFO to Vegas, and Vegas from SFO....

    Last year I went from Orlando to Key West...

    This year I'll get maried in november, and we're planning a road trip from NYC to Orlando....

    I've never been in NY, so I tried to make this itinerary.

    NYC -> Washington DC - through I-95, on 12/03/2015
    Washington DC -> Charlotte - through 66-81-77, on 12/04/2015
    Charlotte -> Orlando - through 77-26-95, on 12/05/2015

    One of my biggest concern is about snow in I95.

    What do you guys think about this itinerary?

    What nice sightseeings near this place are good to go or eat or visit?


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    Welcome to the RTA Forum, and sorry for the delay in a response.

    Your plan looks like it would work. Any trip in December is going to have the chance of snow, but there's not much you can do about it.

    Is there a reason for your stop in Charlotte? It's a bit out of the way, and it will make for a longer drive on your day heading to Orlando. It certainly could work if you've got a reason to visit the city, however, if it was me, I might look to the coast. Myrtle Beach or Charleston could be be places to look at spending the night. Again, Charlotte could certainly work, but you've got a few other options you could consider.

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    no problem, lol....

    I pretend to stop in Charlotte, cause I saw some interesting things about Blue Rogde Parkway.... it seems to be a pretty road.... and.... cause my future-wife loves shopping, And Charlotte have a Premium Outlet.

    The road in the coast is nice?? great views or sightseeings?

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    The Blue Ridge Parkway isn't particularly close to Charlotte. It's a very scenic, but slow going road that takes much more time that you've given yourself time for on this trip, and since it's in the mountains, it may very well be closed due to winter conditions when you'd be traveling.

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    Most cities have outlet stores these days.

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    Default Some suggestions for Roads Other than I-95

    Between New York City and Washington DC, I-95 is a bit hard to follow and isn't the most direct route. Because a section of it in central New Jersey was never built, it is not even connected to itself between New York and Philadelphia. Just be aware that the road you really want through New Jersey is the New Jersey Turnpike. You will see many signs directing you to it once you use whichever method you want to cross the Hudson (George Washington Bridge (I-95), Lincoln Tunnel (NY/NJ-495), Holland Tunnel or even the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge/Goethals Bridge (I-276). Once on the NJ Turnpike, just stay on it all the way to the end at the Delaware Memorial Bridge (where it is actually I-295) and continue on over the bridge to rejoin I-95 on the Delaware and Maryland Turnpikes down through Baltimore to Washington DC.

    Then south of DC, you have many better options for both scenery and attractions to visit than I-95. A couple of alternative routes are outlined here. At 850 miles Washington to Orlando is a two day drive by the most direct route. If you really want to wander of I-95 a bit, see a few things, and do some outlet shopping, you should plan to take a third day and relax and enjoy the trip.


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    tks for the tips guys...

    I gave up the idea of going by car from DC to Orlando, I'm gonna take a flight to Orlando, It's muuuch cheaper than renting a car...

    BTW I'm still going by car from NYC to DC.... I was thinking about a short stop in Philly.... to visit some historical points, but I'm not pretend to sleep there....

    Pretend to get out of NYC at 6AM, I imagine that about 9AM I should be in Philly...
    And get out of philly at 5PM to get in DC about 8PM.

    Is it valid? Philly is a nice city to visit?

    Tks for the help!

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    Default skip it completely

    If there is one place in the US where you're better off not having a car, It's a trip from NYC to DC.

    It would be much faster and much easier to simply take trains/public transit. I-95 is just not a fun drive - expect near constant gridlock especially since you're planning to drive right in the peak of both the morning and afternoon rushes. Leaving Philly at 5, you'll be lucky to be in Baltimore by 8, much less in DC. Add in the fact that parking in these cities is difficult and expensive, and I just don't see how renting a car would make any sense.

    Having said that, I've really enjoyed the very limited time I've spent in Philly. It's a great city, especially if you're a fan of American History.

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    I tought about taking trains, but since I from Brazil, I would have some baggages with me, and wife =C, with this in mind, the trains keep been a good idea???

    I really like American History..... And I know that Philly had a great importance in it. and that's another point that I'm considering drive to DC form NYC...

    What would be a good time to leave the cities???

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