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    We are planning a 3 week trip in June, starting from Las Vegas and ending up in Vancouver, and hopefully coming back by a different route. We would like to go via Utah and return part way along the coast. We would be grateful for any advice, and recommendations of motels, eateries and what to do and see along the way.

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    There's no shortage of great places to visit on a loop like this. Along the direct route heading up through Utah, there are several great National Parks, like Zion and Bryce Canyon, and then Craters of the Moon as you get into Idaho - although a detour to Yellowstone and the Tetons are certainly possible too.

    Coming back, the coast itself has lots of great attractions, although you'd also have several national parks inland to consider - places like Crater Lake and Yosemite are among the great options - not to mention the other great cities you could include on this trip like Seattle, Portland, and San Francisco.

    It really all comes down to you, what you want to get out of the trip, how long you want to spend on the road and how much time you're hoping to spend in Vancouver.

    Once you have a better idea of the specifics of your trip, we'll be in a better position to give you some more specific advice.

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    Thank you Michael there are some great ideas there, although we have been to Zion, Yosemite and Yellowstone in the past. We thought possibly a week in Vancouver.

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    Default Where would you like to go ?

    Do you mean Vancouver BC or WA ? Have you considered going up through the Great Basin into Idaho ? Mt Ranier, Olympic and North Cascades NP's, Columbia River Gorge in WA and OR. I think the best thing you can do at this point is look around the forums and when you have a couple of dots on the map of where you would like to go, we can help fill in the blanks. [hint: scroll down and you will find 'similar threads' and repeat as many times as you like] Nobody knows your interests better than you do and you haven'y told us what they might be.

    Enjoy the planning !

  5. Default Vancouver to San Francisco

    we are driving from Vancouver to SanFrancisco in June. We are looking for a scenic trip so any advice would be welcome.

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    I have merged your threads as it seems to be the same trip and some people will end up with only half the story and will not know what you may already have seen on the way up. So what is the plan so far ? You still haven't given us any details about your interests and what places are already on your radar. With little to no info to work with, its a bit like throwing darts in the dark. The more you can tell us the better advice we can offer.

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