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    Hi All:

    My wife and I are in Boston and are planning first trip to west this June / Jul (for a week), we are struggling between San Francisco /Yosemite / Lake Tahoe and Yellowstone / Grand Teton NP, given the baby is still small we do not want to the trip to be too exhausted (based on our just completed Florida road trip experience, we may want to just have 2 stops in whole vacation and take our time in each day instead of being in a rush schedule), can I get some advice on following:

    Which of the above route looks less "labor intensive" from transportation pov?
    For option 1, we were thinking either fly to Yosemite and then drive to SFO or first to SFO then drive to Yosemite (so that we do not have to drive back to SFO for the sake of returning the car), is there a non-stop flight between Frasno Yosemite to Boston?



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    Personally, I wouldn't even consider flying into Fresno. The airport is still an hour and a half from the Yosemite Valley, I'm certain there would be no direct flights from anywhere on the east coast, and it would make your car rental costs skyrocket (especially if you did a one way rental from SFO). It would be less than 3 hours of "extra" driving just to go back to SFO, and I'd guess you'd spend at least that much extra time in airports with the added connection.

    If the most important consideration is limiting travel, then I'd say Yellowstone/Tetons would be the best bet - especially if you can fly into Jackson. Jackson/Tetons up to the northern areas of Yellowstone (Mammoth Hot Springs) is about 3 hours one way, and Yellowstone also is layed out in a very nice loop, so you wouldn't really have any backtracking.

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