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  1. Default Los Angeles -> Grand Canyon Winter Road Trip

    Hi all,

    I realize this is quite a common road trip and I've read a lot of threads for places to go but I can't manage to figure how to budget the time and break up the driving or where to stay. We have four days budgeted and possibly one night if that helps. These are just Google Maps driving routes, so happy to take advice on anything because it's my first time planning a road trip.

    Lodging recommendations would be especially helpful as I am responsible for that part of the trip.

    These are the destinations we want to hit (please suggest more if they are on the way):
    Anza Borrego State Park
    Joshua Tree
    Hoover Dam
    Grand Canyon
    Death Valley

    This is our planned route so far but I'm wondering if we're driving too little in the beginning and too much at the end. How long do you really need in Joshua Tree and is it worth staying there overnight? Is this enough time for everything? I really want to see Petrified Forest but not sure if we'll have time too.

    Day 1:
    Drive from LA to Anza Borrego Desert State Park (150 miles, about 3 hours) Directions

    Drive from Anza Borrego Desert State Park to Joshua Tree National Park. (73.9 miles, about 1.5 hour) Directions

    Stay the night at/near Joshua Tree National Park

    Day 2:
    Drive from Joshua Tree National Park to Lake Havasu, AZ (149 miles, about 2.5 hours) Directions

    OPTION: Drive from Lake Havasu, AZ to Flagstaff, AZ (206 miles, 3 hours & 15 minutes) Directions

    Should we stay in Lake Havasu or Flagstaff or is there somewhere near there that might be worthwhile? Anything to see or eat?

    Day 3:
    Drive from Lake Havasu OR Flagstaff, AZ to Grand Canyon South Rim
    Lake Havasu to Grand Canyon (232 miles, 3 hours and 45 minutes) Directions

    Flagstaff to Grand Canyon (78.3 miles, 1.5 hour) Directions

    Drive from Grand Canyon to Hoover Dam (243 miles, 3.5 hours)
    Drive from Hoover Dam to Las Vegas 33.9 miles, 42 minutes

    Stay the night in Las Vegas

    Day 4:

    December 30
    Drive from Las Vegas to Death Valley (123 miles, around 2 hours) Directions

    Drive from Death Valley to LA (304 miles, 5 hours) Directions

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    Welcome to RTA!

    Don't fall into the trap thinking that computer generated drive times are accurate - you need to add 20% to them to reflect reality.


    Joshua Tree - Closest to the park will be in Indio or 29 Palms.

    Lake Havasu has lodging. Flagstaff has a wide selection. Williams has a limited selection. Tusayan has some, but very expensive.

    You should dedicate an entire day to the Grand Canyon - that means stay somewhere near for 2 nights.

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    Default You need to be near the canyon for at least one night.

    If you want to visit the GC and be in Vegas that night then you most certainly want to be as near to the GC as possible the night before. Flagstaff has a good range of Hotels but if you can find a deal or extra funds, Tusayan is closer and will allow you to maximise the time at the canyon. If you stay in Flagstaff head north on 89 and enter the park by the east entrance on 64. This will lead you to the main canyon area following the direction of the Colorado River with viewpoints along the way. A full day at the canyon is barely enough time.

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    Default Don't miss this

    29 Palms Inn

    One of the relatively little know places to stay is the 29 Palms Inn. A favorite hideaway of several of us here at RTA.

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    Last year during winter season I went to the Grand Canyon with my family to see the beauty of winter in this attractive spot. I am surprised to see the sunset view of the winter season in Mather Point. It was sightseeing view and fascinating for me.

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