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    Default Road Trip from New Orleans to New York City

    Hello! I am relocating to New York City from Austin and will be leaving the first week of January. I'm traveling with my dog - just the two of us. I definitely want to stop in New Orleans along the way for a day/night, and figure I should avoid going through the Appalacian Mountains during winter in case of nasty weather. I really don't want to drive in icy conditions or snow if I can help it. I realize this can certainly happen any where along the way, I guess I just want to minimize that as much as possible. I'm trying to figure out if I should go to Atlanta from New Orleans and then get on I95 for the rest of the drive? Is it worth it to divert to Route 1 for part of the trip to see some good old Americana or would that be ill advised this time of year? My goal is to reach NYC in 4 days or 5 at the most (unless I get stuck somewhere due to bad weather). Not trying to see a lot of sights, but would like to explore the cities where I stay in the afternoon/evening after drive time and have dinner before resting for the next day of driving. Any suggestions on the best route given the potential for wintry weather conditions would be great.


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    To some extent, your goals of avoiding the worst of possible winter driving woes and seeing some Americana are fighting against each other. Some of the best scenery and truest grass routes, old-time 'America' are in the Appalachians. And for what it's worth, I wouldn't choose Atlanta and/or I-95 for any part of this trip if I could possibly avoid it. That would just entail heavy traffic in several cities en route that aren't really equipped to handle snow/ice when they do get it.

    Fortunately there are some good alternatives. The best thing that you have going for you is that you have more than adequate time to make the trip, even if you have to take some time off the road to wait out untoward weather. The second is that there is a direct Interstate route from New Orleans to New York that is both scenic and avoids most of the major urban centers on the east coast. That would be I-59 north to Chattanooga (duplexed with I-20 between Meridian and Birmingham), I-75 to Knoxville, a short jog on I-40 east to I-81 north past Harrisburg, and finally I-78 into New York City.

    While the Interstates would form the backbone and default roads for this trip, if the weather cooperates they would allow you to take some of your spare time and explore some of the side roads along the way. Specifically you should be looking at routes like US-411 in eastern Tennessee, US-11 through the mid-Atlantic Appalachians, US-15 through central Virginia and southern Pennsylvania. If you keep na eye on the weather and chose your 'off-highway' excursions carefully, there's no reason why you can't have a thoroughly enjoyable trip of the type you're envisioning.


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    Wow! Thanks AZBuck. Great suggestions that I plan to use!

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