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    Hello, In honor of being a Senior in college my buddy and I were going to take off for 10 days to explore the south. We were wondering anything needed to be seen. We talked about Nashville, Graceland and ending up someplace warm. Any tips and tricks would be welcomed since this is all new.

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    Default We can't tell you.

    Hi, and Welcome to the Great American Roadtrip Forum.

    It is nigh on impossible for anyone to tell you what to see. It really all depends on the interests of you and your buddy. But what I can tell you is some of the ways to find what there is to see along your route and at your destination.

    First thing you might like to do is get some good maps of all the States through which you will be travelling. Good paper maps, such as those produced by AAA and Rand McNally, show all National and State Parks and Forests. They show other natural areas such as wild life refuges and wilderness areas.

    These maps also mention the location of historical sites and points of interest. Even such things as the largest XXX is marked on many maps. These are not things you will find on most, if any, computer mapping site.

    Lastly you might like to check the map centre on the green bar above, where you can see logged points of interest along any given route. These are all reports of roadtrippers who have actually been there.

    Enjoy the planning. It is so much part of a roadtrip.


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    I just did Chicago to Asheville, NC, via Nashville and Knoxville and had intended to continue on to Savannah then Jacksonville....but got homesick and missed the dog too.
    I agree with previous post about recommending specifics, however if you are choosing between Interstate 57 and Interstate 65 - I strongly recommend 57. 57 doesn't go through 2 major cities (that you don't want to stop in - Indie and Louisville). It's more laid back - a straight shot from Chicago to the Carbondale area, then heading east on 24 - not a lot of construction.

    Because winter can be harsh in those areas (regardless of 57 or 65) - and the roads are wide open to plowed fields - there's a lot of heavy drifting and strong wind gusts - so be prepared for that - tires in good shape, weight in the trunk if you need it, and road emergency kit ... there's a lot of wide open areas either way.

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    Default Thank you.

    Hi Katie, and Welcome to the Great American Roadtrip Forum.

    It's good to see, and thank for jumping in with your first post to help another roadtripper. Passing on your experience will no doubt be valuable to Katelyn.

    Glad to hear you had a good trip. Sorry to hear you got homesick. Maybe next time, take the dog. :)


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    If this is going to be a SPRING roadtrip, weather shouldn't be an issue on any Interstate. If this is going to be a winter roadtrip, please let us know so we can move the thread.

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