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    Planning on driving to vancouver bc from los angeles on the 26 of December. My goal is to get there in 24 hours. Driving nonstop for 20 hours. Expect for small meal break in between. 10 hours per driver. And splitting the last 4 hours? Is it possible has anyone ever tried this?

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    Default reckless homicide?

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Your plan is not just impossible, it's beyond reckless. Even if you could cover the miles in 24 hours - which is really is not possible to do - you would be endangering yourself and others long before you get to your destination. It is not an exaggeration to say you would be far more dangerous on the road than most drunk drivers, because of the inevitable fatigue. If you attempt this, it would be pure luck if you don't kill someone.

    This is a trip that requires 2 hard days of driving, with a full night of sleep (and that's assuming good weather, not a sure thing by any means). No, having more than one driver does not change that fact. It really is that simple, and no one on this forum will give you any support at all for your current plans, as we don't want to have our lives endangered by such dangerous behavior.

    If you can't give yourself at least 2 full days for this trip, you need to buy a plane ticket, you have no other options.

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    Default don't think it possible

    You have to average 60 mph /as it about 1300 miles . You also have lots of areas that speed limit is 65 and on holiday the ChP will be out in force. Sacramento takes about mins. on a good day to get through on I-5 and from Redding Ca to Vancouver is 65 Mph. Beware that Oregon has unmarked cars and so does Washington with Big fines for speeding. l travel from Stockton to Salem several tines a year and do so during midweek and it takes 11 hrs most times.Traffic from Salem to north of portland is a Bitch anytime so good luck//////

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