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    Default Wifi or a Mobile Hotspot in RV?

    Hello! We're going on our maiden voyage in our 'new' (to us) RV in April. I think we'll be taking I-90 most of the way, but we've not decided for sure. I work from home on my computer so internet is a must. I am wondering if I should rely only on wifi or consider purchasing a wireless hotspot (Verizon wireless mifi or Straighttalk wifi box) so that I can get some work done while traveling? When we get home from our trip (which will be about 3 weeks) I won't need the 'box' so I really don't want to invest in a lot, but knowing for that 3 weeks, it will be pretty important. We're going from Vermont - Seattle and back again.

    What has worked well for you? I don't download huge files, but do use Google Voice, send emails, check Facebook, upload blog posts and a few photos.



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    I would get both. Most wifi is free, but mifi can get expensive. Verizon should have the widest coverage.

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    Default It might already be in your "package" of services

    Look at your phones -- just about all of the Verizon smart phones have an option for using the phone as a wireless hotspot. These days, I use only my phone to power my laptop and other devices when on the road. You do need to have the service turned out -- but you really won't need a hotspot device unless your phones don't have that capabilty.


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