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    Sorry english is not my first language.. im visiting the united states soon and ill be in new orleans and will head to houston and san antonio then to chicago and on the way ill stop by austin, dallas, oklahoma city & st louis then head east to washington. so any advice on what places I should visit or if there is something I shouldnt miss? I also love nature jungles and canyons.. thank u

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    Quote Originally Posted by faysalals
    [W]hat places should I visit or is there something I shouldn't miss?
    Yes, there are places you should certainly visit, but so far we have only minor clues as to what they might be. There is certainly plenty of nature to see in between the cities you have mentioned, and I would urge you to search through the many National Wildlife Refuges in the states you'll be traveling through to find some quieter spots where nature takes precedence. There are no jungles in the eastern portion of the U.S., and no deep canyons either. But there are plenty of forests as well as many passes (also called 'notches' or 'gaps' depending on local idiom) in the Appalachians.

    But at this point it would really help us in trying to give you useful advice if we knew a couple of more things. First and foremost - How much time do you have for your entire journey and the various segments of it. You'll need around five days just to make the point-to-point drives. That would only leave you a very short time for stops, so if you have more time than that be sure to let us know how much. Secondly, what other interests do you have besides nature? History? Scenery? Museums? Wildlife? The more you tell us of what you find enjoyable, the better we can direct you to sites that you can, indeed, enjoy.


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    The road trip will be for two weeks or more so I have time to do everything its just me and a friend.. and I enjoy rivers, spring water, nature, scenery, wildlife & farms. I also like different cultures and native americans and gospel churches, gun shooting but I dont like to see it in museums or history but to actually experience these cultures.
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    Since you have time to wander and an interest in nature and local color, here a few places that would probably fit in well with your hope for this trip. First up would be the area between New Orleans and Houston. While you could certainly just take I-10 and cover that in a few hours, I think you'd be much better served to wander the back roads of the Creole Nature Trail. Texas will do its best to overwhelm you with its own culture, so the next place I'll offer suggestions for is Oklahoma. Oklahoma was known well into the 20th century as Indian Territory and you should try to visit a few of the tribes there that have cultural outreach of one form or another such as the Shawnee, the Cherokee, the Cheyenne-Arapaho, the Chickasaw, the Choctaw, the Potawatomi, and others.

    Then for a complete change of pace, wander through the Ozarks and particularly Branson MO for a taste of a unique bit of Americana. Next up might be a visit to one of the old French towns along the Mississippi such as Ste. Genevieve. That would also be a good opportunity to take a ferry ride across the Big Muddy.

    Your final leg from Chicago to Washington would be a good place to stay off the Interstates and take some 'back' roads through farming communities and Amish country in Ohio. From there US-40, the old National Road, largely follows the Potomac River into the DC area.


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    Thank you so much this is what I was looking for :)
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