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Thread: Texas road trip

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    Default Texas road trip

    Hello from Australia; later this month I'm spending a few days in Texas and would like to spend a little time on back roads and two lane highways.

    I have two days from the Saginaw area to New Braunfels and would appreciate any suggestions. My lady companion and I simply enjoy driving through the smaller towns and enjoying the local food, particularly at traditional roadside cafes or diners.

    After New Braunfels we head for Galveston to take a cruise.

    Then another two day road trip back to DFW. We'll be staying at Dayton, TX (to watch trains!) and then have two days to get back to DFW.

    Previous trips to USA have been in Spring or Summer. Hopefully Texas roads in December and January would be OK for an Aussie driver? Any thoughts would be appreciated.


    Paul and Robyn from Australia

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    Default You're not too far away.

    Hi Paul, and Welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum.

    Do you per chance still have maps or a road atlas from your previous visits? There are quite a few routes you could choose, all of which go through small towns. Most of which are two lanes. I'd be inclined to take a route via Austin.

    But hey, you are not that far away from Essendon, contact me and we may be able to make copies of some I have here. I don't have any spares.

    I imagine you will be aware that your RACV membership will give you access to maps and tourism information from the AAA.


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    Thanks for the tip Lifey; hadn't realised that.


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