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  1. Default Jun/Jul Roadtrip from Portland, OR to Yellowstone/Zion/Grand/Yosemite

    My husband will have the summer of from doctoral studies, and I get done with work June 15th, so we were thinking about going on a giant road trip! Here is what we were thinking in terms of a trip:

    June 17 - Leave Portland, OR
    June 18 - Yellowstone
    June 19 - Yellowstone
    June 20 - Yellowstone
    June 21 - Leave Yellowstone, drive to Salt Lake (8h38m)
    June 22 - Drive to Bryce Canyon (6h45m)
    June 23 - Bryce Canyon
    June 24 - Leave Bryce Canyon, drive to Zion (2h50m)
    June 25 - Zion
    June 26 - Zion
    June 27 - Zion
    June 28 - Leave Zion, detour to Horseshoe Bend (3h42m), drive to Grand Canyon (4h59m)
    June 29 - Grand Canyon, drive to Las Vegas (7h42m)
    June 30 - Las Vegas
    July 1 - Leave Las Vegas, Drive to Yosemite (8h36m)
    July 2 - Yosemite
    July 3 - Yosemite
    July 4 - Drive to Elk Grove (4h49m)
    July 5 - Elk Grove
    July 6 - Leave Elk Grove, Drive to San Francisco (2h21m)
    July 7 - San Francisco
    July 8 - Leave San Francisco, drive somewhere to southern oregon to camp
    July 9 - White Water Rafting, sleep
    July 10 - Drive to Albany, OR (probably 4 hours to stay with parents)
    Head home eventually

    Is our trip way too full? We are pretty hardy travelers and will be backpacking for 45+ days across Europe Summer 2016, so we're testing our traveling legs this summer before we make that trek. The only thing that is essential is leaving no earlier than the 17th (we might even have to leave the 18th or 19th, if the school year is extended), and we need to be in Elk Grove for the 4th of July to see family. The most important things beyond that are Yellowstone, Grand Canyon, and San Francisco (because my husband has never been and always wants to go). We aren't big drinkers or gamblers, so Las Vegas isn't necessary. We really do enjoy hiking and camping, though! Any suggestions you have would be great!

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    Default Nice Trip.

    Hi and Welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum.

    A couple of comments on your well laid out trip. Firstly, the times look like they come straight off a computer mapping program. You need to add at least 20% for real world conditions, which will potentially make June 21st and July 1st pretty long days driving.

    If LV is not a priority, then I'd suggest you plan that time in Death Valley. It will be pretty hot, but with a hat, sun screen and ample water, is definitely a landscape worth experiencing. You can drive to most, if not all, the view points without having to spend significant time out of your air conditioned car.

    After DV and on your way to Yosemite you might like to make a stop over along US-395, Lone Pine / Bishop, and maybe visit Mono Lake before heading over Tioga Pass - be sure to allow time to stop at the view areas and enjoy the trip into the Yosemite Valley.

    If you plan to camp within the National Parks you will need to get onto the booking site months in advance. Many of those spots book out almost as soon as the booking opens.


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    Default Looks great !

    Yes that's looking like a really nice trip. I'm not sure where in the Grand canyon you are planning to go but going by the times you have selected a remote area that is not easily accessable. If your plan is to go to the south rim then enter 'Grand canyon village' to your destination box.

    I agree that an overnight stop on route to Yosemite would be advisable. Not only have you the chance to explore part of Death valley, but the Tioga Pass into Yosemite is spectacular and you will want time to stop. You could possibly cut out the full day at Bryce and leave for Zion mid to late afternoon, or just have half a day less in Zion. You might also consider spending your last day in Yellowstone by heading south and take a little time in the Tetons before stopping for the night.

    Have a great trip.

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