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  1. Default Wyoming to Salt Lake City via the South

    Hi. Just found this site - feels like Christmas, wow what info.!!!
    Not sure if I am on the correct Forum
    Plan so far ...We fly into LA then later fly to SF (including tour to Yosemite) fly to SLC. At Salt Lake City we pick up a (one way) rental up to and out of the East gate of Yellowstone and make our way over to Chicago then back to Las Vegas (via Grand Canyon)
    We enjoy photography, national parks (+animals), American history, country music, Armish area ....
    Wouldn't mind doing the Byways (tarsealed for rental).
    Looking at a SUV this time (have done Canada and Alaska in campervans.)
    What would be a great route and how would you break up the 44 days from Yellowstone East gate please? (did 2 x 7,500kms trips this year and they were easy to plan - Australia and Ethiopia but not this US one so far - hence grateful for your help :)

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    Welcome to RTA!

    What are the dates of this trip? This can be critical for visiting the high mountain areas such as Yellowstone and Yosemite.

    I would be inclined to fly in and out of one of your cities and use a car for the whole trip, returning it to the same city. 44 days is plenty of time to do a loop trip encompassing what you want to see. Plan on traveling between SF and LA southbound so the scenic pullouts are on your side of the road.

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    Hi. Thanks. Should have said booked so far.(rather than Plan so far)..we are booked from LA to and including Yellowstone. (Above)
    We could return the rental to SLC after Grand Canyon? And fly to LV
    We reach the east gate of Yellowstone August 12th and have 44 days to get to LV

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    Default Good maps will help you.

    Besides NPs, what are the interests of the travelling party? From Yellowstone you could potentially do a loop through Montana and North Dakota, taking in the North East entrance of Yellowstone - Beartooth Pass. From Chicago you could take in all of Colorado and Utah. So much to see.

    Do you actually have a good paper map of the States? It is not like planning the other trips you have taken. The routes and scenic byways along any route from Yellowstone to Chicago and back to LV are countless. Far too many to show up on a computer monitor.

    I too am wondering why you are doing the conducted tours, and not a roadtrip all the way. It would work into a memorable time seeing things of your choosing, rather than some travel company.


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    No map - told Rand McNally has a great road atlas - will try Amazon and go back to the drawing board (think trying to track routes on the monitor is what is making it so difficult
    Only 'tour' we are doing is 2 day Yosemite from SF otherwise seasoned travellers meandering from SLC to LV
    We enjoy photography, national parks (+animals), American history, country music, Armish area ....
    Can anyone please also tell me a place not to miss for country music during the summer period

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    Default Look on the green bar above.

    You can get the Rand McNally Atlas from the shop on the green bar above. A mere $10 or so, plus postage. Depending on where you are, you'll have it in a week or two.

    As well as routes (scenic routes are marked by a dotted line) you will see marked on the maps all the National Parks, Monuments and Forests as well as State Parks and Forests, Historical sites and much more.

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    Cheers from New Zealand

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    Default A little extra.

    Louige, as well as the Rand McNally I like to travel with individual maps of each State and the major Urban centres through which I pass / where I might stay.

    Are you a member of your local Automobile club? If so, be sure to carry your membership with you. It will entitle you to free maps and tourism information from the AAA, anywhere in the country. Might be worth picking up maps of all the States you plan to visit, as well as major urban centres while in LA.

    I take it you made good use of that reciprocal arrangement on your trip to Oz.


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    Thanks Lifey, will take the AA 'letter' for the maps etc

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    Default Just a few highlights.

    With so much time available you could road trip just about anywhere from leaving Yellowstone to arriving in Las Vegas. From Yellowstone you could visit Big Horn Rec area/forest, Mt Rushmore, Custer State park, Badlands NP starting towards Chicago. On the way to Grand canyon I would certainly allow plenty of time through Colorado and Utah to explore the high number of National parks, scenic by-ways, mountain towns and Indian reservations. Rocky mountain, Black canyon, Mesa Verde, Arches, Canyonlands, Capitol Reef, Bryce canyon and Zion NP's can all be found in these states, [as well as others] plus scenic drives such as Loveland Pass just off I70, the 'Million dollar Highway' [US550] and Utah scenic 12, places like Colorado National Monument and the iconic Monument Valley are just a couple of many other possibles in this region.

    Once you have some dots on the map and a rough outline we can help fine tune your trip.

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