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    Default Epic Trip - Need YOUR help!!

    Hello everyone!

    It's a pleasure to be here and a privilege to receive advice from you all! I'm live in the UK and am looking to have my once-in-a-lifetime experience hitting the roads of the USA in Summer 2015. As I hardly get to visit the USA, I want to try and get in as much as possible so am electing to pursue the idea of going on an epic coast-to-coast trip:

    Starting (or ending) in New York City and ending (or starting) in Los Angeles! Along the way I would like to visit Gettysburg PA, Nashville TN, New Orleans LA, Dallas TX and Las Vegas NV and the Grand Canyon. ANY and ALL recommendations for stop offs, 'must-sees' or worthwhile detours to experience American culture along this basic outline would be very welcome at this stage!

    As the plans are in embryonic stages, I have no idea about the best way to plan this. So I'll start by asking some basic questions (as well as being grateful for any suggestions as to the above route) and I will be grateful for any responses.

    1) Is this route 'do-able' within 3 weeks?
    2) If I am flying to one end of the nation, driving a rented car to the other end, and flying back to the UK from there, how does car rental work?
    3) What kind of cost in petrol (gas!) would I be looking at in an economical car?
    4) In your experiences, what kind of overall cost would I be looking at (given the stop offs)
    5) Do you have any planning tips that you found particularly useful/any mistakes you have made that you wouldn't repeat again?

    I know that many of the answers to these questions will be subjective to different variables ie. what hotels I stay in/what kind of car I get/how fast and far I drive a day. I'm just after your own experiences and recommendations, really!

    Many thanks!!! Great to have the opportunity to ask you all these questions!


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    Welcome to RTA!

    1. Yes, but you won't be able to stay in any one place very long. To drive from coast to coast, in the car 10 to 12 hours a day, via shortest Interstate highway routes, would take you 6 days.

    2. All the major car rental companies will have cars that can be dropped off in another city, but there will be a surcharge, which varies. I would recommend you use a European consolidator such as to get the best rate - especially if you are under 26 years of age.

    3. To allow for gas price fluctuations, I'd budget 20 US cents per mile. At today's prices, with a small economy car it could possibly be done for as little as 10 cents a mile.

    4. I would budget $100 a night for lodging. However, if you use some judgment you should be able to lower that. Restaurant meals and food - what you spend in the UK in pounds is about what you would spend here in dollars.

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    Thanks for that information, glc!

    Coming from UK I find it incredible that the journey would take such a long time! Takes about 8 hours from top to bottom of my own country! Phenomenal! That's great to know.

    Are there any places along that general route that you'd recommend I check out? Any towns/attractions/fun things to do? And do you have any idea about how visiting the grand canyon works?

    Thanks for your continued advice! :)

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    All the information you need about the Grand Canyon (and all the other national parks) can be found at I would highly recommend that you also visit some of the other parks, especially the ones in southern Utah. I would also order a Rand McNally road atlas (available from Amazon UK) and study it for ideas for places to visit. The picture will slowly come together and we can help you with details.

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    Default You could see more by driving less.

    Hi Dan, welcome to RTA from the south of England.

    What I suggest you do is get a good map/atlas of the USA and do some research into places you find of interest. You can start by digging around the forums [the Roadtrip field reports is a good place to start] and the tool bars above where you will find routes, attractions and the Map centre where you can create routes and find attractions. There are literally thousands of options you could choose from driving across the country with even more possible detours and routes. As you move on with your plans and more specific questions come up about certain places and ideas just ask.

    The one thing I would say is that you don't have to do a cross country trip to see a lot, in fact you might see less than if you done a round trip in and out of the same city, which would also save you a lot of money. Just a thought. I have travelled quite a bit through the west and the natural beauty and diversity is mind blowing and of course you have a good variety of city life if that's your thing.

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