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    Hi there,

    I am new to this forum but I wanted to get some experienced advise based on the weird weather patterns we are having from the Alaska storm. I am renting a 26ft Penske truck and a car carrier for my 2014 Forester XT so I will have a large rig to make my journey in STARTING on December 13th 2014. My brother was a truck driver for 4 years and he said that I should still take the shortest distance right through Montana and down through Kansas City/St. Louis to Florida. However, it seams that winter right now is pretty bad so should I take the I-5 down through CA and over through Texas? Should I go through Salt Lake City and down into Oklahoma? Or should I stick with the northly shorter approach? Any help is appreciated but only respond if you are an experienced trucker/driver and have made this type of trip before.

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    Welcome to RTA! My husband, an experienced (former) commercial driver, is sitting next to me, so some of these comments are actually coming from him.

    First, you aren't leaving for another 3+ weeks. Weather can change a lot between now and then. What he said he would do is plan on the shortest distance between two points, but have alternatives available in the event that the weather does not cooperate. Planning to go I-5 then across I-10, not knowing the weather in 3 weeks, would be a possible waste of an additional day on the road, not to mention the extra fuel it would take! The route your brother has suggested is 3,130 miles. With a Penske truck, that's going to be a good 6 days on the road (500 miles a day). Going down I-5 to I-10 will use up another 450 miles -- another day on the road, maybe another 40 gallons of very expensive fuel. Along I-5, two passes could hang you up just as easily as I-90: Siskiyou Pass in southern OR, and "the Grapevine" (Tejon Pass) just north of LA. Then there's the LA traffic to consider: UGH, UGH, UGH.

    My husband said that the other route you were looking at, through SLC, doesn't add all that many miles, but it also can be very windy. You could keep that one as Plan B, or even Plan C, in the event that there's bad weather through Montana (which he said he's been stuck at a truck stop more than once, going through there on I-90!).

    In short, there are a lot of variables. Keep an open mind and several routes in mind. Take maps with you -- a good atlas would be invaluable in case you have to change routes quickly because of unexpected weather! You can always pick up state maps at visitor centers as you enter each state -- often at the first rest area. That's a good time to stretch your legs.


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    If you have to take I-5, instead of going over the Grapevine into the heart of the LA traffic, cross over to CA-99 somewhere between Sacramento and Bakersfield, then take CA-58 to US-395 to I-15 to I-215 to CA-210 to get to I-10. There WILL be traffic, but you don't have to go through the heart of the beast.

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    Default Pace yourself.

    As has been said, the weather is totally unpredictable this far in advance but you should have no problem finding lodgings as you go and leave your plans open to change. The most important factor in staying safe is the amount of time you have available for the trip, if you have a deadline that is. The fact that you are driving a truck and towing your car means I would allow a minimum of 6 days and have at least a spare, 'just in case'. Some days you may gain miles and some days lose some, but keep in mind it is a marathon not a sprint. If you push too hard at the outset when you are fresh, you are likely to suffer fatigue later into the trip. Pace yourself.

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