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  1. Default Road trip from Syracuse to Utah

    Hello all,

    We are planning to drive a conversion van from Syracuse to Utah after Thanksgiving. I am excited to take this trip with my husband on our 23rd anniversary. This is our first cross country adventure, could you give us some tips on road conditions, weather, road trip highlights, etc.

    Thank you so much!

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    Welcome to RTA!

    Where in Utah and how many days do you have to make the trip?

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    Default The more info the better.

    It is too early to make predictions about what the weather will be when you travel and in turn, the road conditions. As well as knowing your destination and how long you have for the trip, it's helpfull if you share as much info as you can, such as your interests and does "we" mean just the two of you or are there kids or other travellors with you. For highlights I would get good old paper maps out and do a little reading around this site and find your highlights. Once we have the basics of your plan we can help fill in the blanks and fine tune the detail.

    All you can do is check forecasts etc a few days before you depart and keep 'tuned in' as you travel using the Internet, local radio stations and TV.

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    Thank you for replying. My husband and I will fly to New York for Thanksgiving. We will drive back to St. George, Utah either Saturday or Sunday. We want to take this opportunity to visit Niagara Falls and other beautiful states along the route. Which one is the best route (and safe) for camping and sightseeing? We have 5 days to travel. Thanks!

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    To get from Syracuse to St. George is going to take you 4 days of just DRIVING. This doesn't leave you much time to do any sightseeing. So - about all you can do is get an early start in the morning, go to Niagara Falls, spend the night, then get on the road and press on home on Interstates, fastest route. This would be I-90/I-80/I-76/I-70/I-15. Overnights around Chicago, Lincoln NE, and Glenwood Springs, CO. It's definitely not camping season, even if you can find open campgrounds you will need 4 season gear and you will be setting up and breaking camp in the dark. There are significant tolls involved on this route, and if you don't have any extra days to play with you may be delayed by bad weather and poor road conditions. Sightseeing is going to have to be out the windshield on Interstates - at least I-70 west of Denver is one of the most scenic Interstates in the country.

    When at Niagara Falls, if you want to cross over into Canada you will both need passports to get back in to the US, and if you have a rental car, permission from the company.

    If you do go to Canada, you can cut out the majority of the tolls and Buffalo/Cleveland traffic by taking 403/401/402 to Sarnia, cross the border, then I-69/I-96/M-6/I-196/I-94 to I-80. A good place to look for a hotel around Chicago would be Joliet.

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    How are you getting a van for this one way trip?

    I agree with GLC, you've got some big potential issues with time and weather. You just barely have enough time to make this drive, and that's if the weather holds up. If you see a winter storm, 5 days might not even be enough time.

    I'm guessing by camping, you mean sleeping in the van? That's still going to be difficult because of the cold weather. I doubt your van is very insulated, and unless you have serious cold weather gear, you'll likely find it too cold to sleep. Using the van's engine to heat the van is potentially very dangerous because of the risk of carbon monoxide.

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