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  1. Default Winter Road Trip from NE Fl to Colorado

    Hi, myself & family of adult children want to make a road trip to CO, in winter. I understand the drive could be around 30 hrs from NE FL, which is ok sice we r 4 good drivers behind wheels. We have about 10 days in all for the trip.
    Questions i have are:

    1. Other than skiing, what else is the attraction in CO during winter.
    2. Can you suggest the places to visit at CO
    3. Any suggestions/tips for first time road warriors?

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    Default Days not hours.

    Hi, and welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum.

    At almost 1800 miles this trip should be planned in days, not hours. This is a three day trip, with two overnight stops, each way. Regardless of the number of drivers, 600 miles is the most you should attempt in a day, especially since it is winter. That will keep you on the road for 11 - 12 hours per day, without sightseeing stops. It would also be a good idea to have a day in reserve, so you can sit out a winter storm and resume the trip when the roads are clear.

    You need to remember that computer mapping programs assume you travel at or above the speed limit at all times, never see a red light or traffic congestion, never come to a hold up with road construction and never need food, fuel or bathroom breaks. In the real world you will probably average between 60 and 66 miles per hour. This drops with the size of the party. Multiple passengers always cause each stop to take just that bit longer.


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    I tend to agree with Lifey.....this is a 3-4 day trip, one way, in the winter. Assuming a starting place of Jacksonville and an end in Denver, it clocks in at 1750 miles. In the summer, my husband and I would drive something like that in 3 days of 600 miles per day. In the winter, I'd allow an extra day in case bad weather somewhere holds you up.

    With 4 drivers, you could do a speed run, but honestly ... you would arrive exhausted and in no mood to ski, sightsee, or what-have-you. Better to take 3 days, split it among 4 drivers (2-hour stints at the wheel), and arrive feeling refreshed and ready to see something.

    The other thought I have: do a fly-drive. Fly to Denver, rent a car and see anything you want to in the CO region. Rocky Mt Park, ski resorts, Dinosaur NM, Colorado Springs and the Red Rocks, Gunnison.


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    Default Keep it safe and fun.

    What is it you are all interested in and hoping to get from the trip ? Colorado is a big State with lots of attractions, the biggest being the mountain scenery in my opinion. I totally agree with the above advice and hope you wil take it on board as first time road trippers, you don't want it to turn out to be the first and last trip you do ! Once in Colorado you have the risk of having to drive in ice snow which is not ideal if it is the first time you have done so and you should be prepared just to hold up in one place if needs be. Remember a road trip is as much about the journey as the destination [if not moreso] so make sure you take the time to stay safe and enjoy it, but also note that that could become 7 to 8 days of your 10 taken up. If your budget can manage it then the fly-drive option is worth consideration.

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