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    Gday everyone

    I was hoping to get a bit of advice as I think I may have a pretty silly idea (but that is usually me)

    We are in the US in Janurary next year doing a cruise out of Orlando.

    Instead of flying back to LA from Orlando I was thinking of doing a road trip so my kids could see how big and awesome the US really is.

    I know its a very long way and it will be winter at the time hence my questions

    I was thinking of doing the trip of 5 - 6 days driving around 8 hours a day and stopping at a different town every night.

    Is the above time frame reasonable? Also I have never driven in snow before and was a little worried about that am I likely to have any issues?

    Thanks in advance


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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Well, if driving across the US is a silly idea, then I guess that would make this a pretty silly website!

    I will say you've got a good start for a plan, but if you could add a little time, I think it would enhance the experience. 5 days is pretty much the minimum needed to make this drive, and that requires being on the road about 9 hours a day. It's certainly a safe and reasonable distance to cover in a long day on the road, however, that doesn't leave a lot of extra time to explore. This is especially true in January, where you're going to have relatively few hours of daylight to work with. Snow is certainly a possibility - not necessarily one that should keep you from doing this trip - but it could force you to slow down or even stop for a day to wait for conditions to improve.

    If you only have 5-6 days, you could certainly make this trip work, but if you could add even a few days to that, it really would give you a lot more options to actually stop and explore the cities and natural wonders along the way - and get more out of the trip than just being in a different hotel room each night.

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    Michael is correct when he says it's a 5-6 day drive at 8 hours a day. In summer 2012, my husband and I drove to Orlando from San Diego. We did it in 5 days, but 4 of those days were VERY long -- 10-11 hours. At least, going west, you will "lose" 3 hours, which helps a little.

    The basic route is I-75 up to I-10 and then shoot west. However, there are many other variations on that route. The only issue you may have with weather is in the western Texas area, which very occasionally may see some snow in the 3000-4000 ft elevation areas (and they aren't extremely prepared for it). Along that route there are many things to see and do, to choose.


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    Default Fly drive ?

    If you can't manage to find more time another option would be to fly into another city and take a mini roadtrip to LA. A few options would be San Fran for a couple of days and then drive down the spectacular coast highway through Big Sur, or Las Vegas and visit the Grand canyon, perhaps Monument valley, Sedona and Joshua Tree NP, or they could also be enjoyed from Phoenix. You could even start out from Dallas, just depends on what you would most like to see.

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    Thank you all. I can stretch the trip to 7.5 days (we would leave in the afternoon on the first day.) As for things to see we just really want to take in the people and landscape. We would like to spend a night in New Orleans and see some snow on the way. Could anyone please recommend an app or program to help plan the trip?

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    All you need is a good set of paper maps and this forum. We have a full service map center.

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    Honestly, I have no idea what you'd be looking for in a program to "plan your trip." The RTA Map Center is a great tool to help you find great ideas for things to do along the way, but I guess you'd have to say what you're expecting a program or app to do for you before we could offer a suggestion.

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    Default Attractions for the whole family.

    I'd have to agree with glc, get a good set of paper maps. Do you have any left over from previous trips?

    I highly recommend you take your automobile club membership (RACV, NRMA, etc.) with you. It will entitle you to free maps and tourism information from the AAA, under their reciprocal program. before you go on your cruise you could pick up the maps in Miami or Ft Lauderdale, or wherever you are joining the cruise liner. Get a map of every State you plan to cross, as well as major cities, such as New Orleans and LA.

    The duration of the cruise will give you ample time to see all your options for routes. Good maps, such as AAA also have on them attractions along the way, natural, historical and touristy, etc. You don't say how old the children are, but if you and them together check out the link posted above, and check out the attractions on the maps, you are bound to design a trip which will have something for the whole family.


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