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    Our Family is traveling to Seattle from Sacramento Area for Thanksgiving (using I-5). We have done this drive before but NOT in the Fall/Winter time. Can anyone "guestimate" what the weather conditions will be like? I am worried because I have heard of ICY road conditions and snow and I have not driven in either climate. Would we need snow chains?

    I know no one can predict weather conditions a month out, but I am just looking for trends and possible information on how it is to drive in such conditions.

    Thanks for any insight!

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    We can't really give you a "guestimate" and one really wouldn't be helpful even if we could. The only thing that will matter is what the forecast shows when you are actually traveling, and as you pointed out, that's just not possible to know at this time.

    It certainly is possible that you could see snow or ice, it is also possible that conditions could be bad enough where chains are required. Having said that, if you don't have experience driving in snow or ice and/or driving with chains, it is quite possible that you would simply be better off waiting for conditions to improve. It's pretty rare when a storm is so bad that road crews can't get the Interstate back in good shape within 24 hours.

    If you want the actual odds, it's much more likely for road conditions to be just fine - but you should still prepare for the worst in case the odds are not in your favor on your specific travel days.

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    Well guessing what the conditions may or could be is impossible. As Midwest Michael stated you could delay or speed up your departure time. I might suggest you check with a auto parts store or big tire store in your area on a buy and return set of chains if you don't use them. You should be able to mount them on your tires so you know how to do it in your driveway at home, instead of laying in the snow along side I-5 trying to figure them out.

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