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    Default Landcruiser vs Prius tips Zion, Grand Canyon, Escalante, Bryce.

    We are starting our roadtrip starting in the beginning of November from Sonora, California (West of Yosemite) and we have a sweet four wheel drive Landcruiser we had been planning on taking to do some backroad trips or get through some of the rough terrain of these canyon lands. However, the gas mileage is somewhere around the 14 miles per gallon. We don't have loads of money to blow on gas. We have a Pruis that is 50 miles to the gallon, that's a significant amount of $ difference. BUT, that could choke off access to a lot of things we want to see.

    Here's our itinerary:

    Head straight to North Rim of Grand Canyon (we wanted to hike Tuweep which would require the Landcruiser, w/o it we'd have to cut this)
    Buckskin Gulch to hike for a few days in the Canyon weather permitting (need 4 wheel drive to trail heads?)
    Capital Reef

    We got the the mileage down to about 1900 round trip. For 2 people taking the Landcruiser offers more, but it is almost $200 per person more to take it. Haven never been there I could use some advice on the terrain. And if you have any words of advice on things to see and trips to take or the order we are doing things (trying to knock of Tuweep and Buckskin before the weather is too bad to tackle them) Thank you!

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    Welcome to RTA!

    If you can afford the 200 bucks each, I think I'd take the 4wd. This gives you the flexibility to explore some of the unpaved and poorly maintained roads in the area, especially around Capital Reef.

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    Default How much time?

    I agree. I wouldn't take a Prius off-highway in any season, and certainly not in November. Very good chance you will see some rain -- there is still a SERIOUS drought in the west, but I've been looking at the long-term models and the Pacific is just enough unsettled to warrant being prepared for wet, muddy weather in early November.

    Do you have any canyoneering experience? Buckskin Gulch is a pretty awesome place -- but be sure to be VERY aware of the local weather conditions. A slot canyon can be a tad exciting with thunderstorms. Here's a good overview of what to expect in terms of gear and access. Plan to get wet when tranversing some of the deeper pools.

    Looking at your goals list -- how many days have you allowed for such an epic adventure?


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    You can't go off road at Zion or Bryce and there is certainly plenty to see at the places you listed without going off road. And ... I assume you are familiar with Zion's absolutely fantastic Narrows Walk up the Virgin River!!!

    That being said, I'm sure you didn't buy that Landcruiser just to drive groceries home. I've had my fair share of regrets in life and most of them have been for things I wish I would have done. At the end of your trip, which will you most regret; the extra several hundred dollars your fantastic experiences cost you, or missing out on those experiences while you owned the vehicle that would let you attain them?

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