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    Default Biking from New York to California.

    I am planning on biking from NYC to Orange County, CA (southern california) in May. I have never biked long distance but I have asked around and I have a vague idea of what I need. Im planning to do it in less than 45 days, and I'm more interested in taking the shortest route possible, rather than taking detours to see attractions (even though I may do this once or twice). However I will not risk safety for a shorter route, I want to play it safe for now. So my first question is, where can I find such route? I've looked on Google Maps but... it's Google Maps, so I want to see if anyone knows better routes. Im planning on using a hybrid bike and mainly couchsurfing or camping somewhere (hotels if necessary), but this is something that I can look into later. For my bike, what type of problems should I expect during the trip? And what bike parts should I carry with me? Also how much money is good to have to repair bikes (not counting money for food or hotels)? And lastly, what kind of training do you recommend I do to prepare for the trip? I am in college so I will be able to work out maximum 2 hours (3 sometimes) on weekdays, more on weekends. Thank you!

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I'm sorry, but while this is not a bicycling forum, I just don't see how your plan is even close to possible. 45 days would be an extremely fast pace to attempt such a journey, and you'd need a whole lot more than 2 hours a day of training to even be close to being ready for such a journey at such a brisk pace.

    We frequently tell people on this forum when it comes to driving trips that it is often better to get your feet wet by taking some short, weekend to week long, trips and get an idea of what you like before diving head-first into the pool by heading out on an epic cross-country trip. I'd have to imagine that such advice would go triple for a trip by bike.

    But for the details of your questions, I don't think this is the right forum for you. I think you need to find a site dedicated to long distance bicycling for details on bike-friendly routes, and the kinds of things you'll need and budget for repairs, and other potential issues of long-haul biking. Those just aren't things that the regular members or visitors to this forum have much experience with.

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    Welcome to RTA!

    I would follow the old US routes, because you aren't allowed to ride a bike on Interstates.

    From NYC, I'd probably take US-22 to Harrisburg, then US-11 to Chambersburg, US-30 to Pittsburgh, US-19 to Washington, US-40 to St. Louis, US-50 to Jefferson City, US-54 to Wichita, US-400/US-50 to La Junta, CO-10 to Walsenburg, US-160 to US-89 to Flagstaff, Alt-89 to Prescott, AZ-89/AZ-71/US-60 to Vicksburg, AZ-72/AZ-95/CA-62 to Palm Springs, then find your way from there via local roads. You should, by spending time, be able to find suitable alternates to expressways and possibly an easier and/or shorter route. This is just something I came up with by using my mapping software.

    You need to train to be able to average close to 100 miles a day, and riding over mountains up to 10000 feet.

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    Default Some Questions for You First

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    "Bike" covers everything from a Honda scooter to the most massive Harley hog. Clearly a lot will depend on your own bike's abilities, so we'll need to know exactly what kind of equipment you have before we can make recommendations, including whether such a trip is feasible. The second thing we need to know is what kinds of roads are you comfortable riding on, at what speeds, and for what distances. Again much of what we will recommend depends on what your admittedly limited experience consists of. In particular, do you have any experience with mountain biking? High speed (80 mph+) riding? Maneuvering around tractor-trailers at speed? Finally, what would 'working out' consist of and why do you think it is integral to your plans for this trip?


    Addendum: It never occurred to me that "bike" meant bicycle until I saw Michael's response. If you are indeed doing this by bicycle, I would say two things. (1) We are not, unfortunately, the forum for you; and (2) Forty-five days is very unlikely to be enough time to complete your trip.

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    Thank you very much! I'll start of by looking at those routes and then I will make changes as needed, I appreciate the help!

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