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  1. Default 5 parks trip in movember : Need suggestion

    We are 3 frnds planning to do the following route road trip starting from Nov 20 to Nov 30.
    Denver--->Rocky Mountains national park (1 day)--->Arches national park(1 day)--->Antelope Canyon(1 day)--->Grand Canyon(1 day)--->Las Vegas(2 day)---->Death Valley--->back to Vegas--->Zion/bruce Canyon(1 day)---->Denver

    Please suggest if this route can be done. What are the pros and cons we might need to take into consideration?
    Also we need to fly from Milwaukee to Denver and back. How bad will it be with snow conditions


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    Default Alternative with [a little] time to enjoy the natural wonders.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    That's going to be quite rushed as you will not have a day to explore these parks by the time you add travel time, in some cases you will have just a few hours, but it could be done. What I suggest is that you leave Antelope canyon out and include your trip to Death Valley in your 2 day Vegas stay instead of having a 3rd day there. You would then go RMNP > Arches > Bryce > Zion [over 2 days]> Vegas and DV > GC south rim and through Monument valley with an overnight back to Denver.

    There is just no way of knowing what the weather might throw at you in November, especially around the Rockies.

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    Thanks for the suggestion Dave. Do you think if we start from Salt Lake city instead of Denver will it be a better bet?Flight charges are higher if we fly to and fro salt lake city though... Also do we need to make prior reservations for stay? because we want to be flexible in our plan.

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    Default Vegas ?

    Salt Lake city would only be an advantage over Denver if you were to skip RMNP which could have limited access at that time of year depending on weather. However if you were to skip visiting RMNP then the obvious start and finish point would be Las Vegas, which I would expect to offer cheaper flights than SLC. You could make a great trip from LV and have more time out of the vehicle.

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    With the destinations you've got listed, Salt Lake City would mean more driving, not less. Unless you're considering cutting Rocky Mountain out of your plan, Denver would be a better choice.

    Although you might also look into flying into Las Vegas, certainly that would be the shortest option for driving - since you're already planning to go there, and you might be able to find cheaper deals for flight and rental car.

    You might need to make reservations over the Thanksgiving holiday, otherwise, it's a relatively quiet time to travel.

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