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  1. Default Roadtrip Saratoga springs, NY to Michigan via Maine

    We are planning our retirement road trip from NY to Arizona with the first leg to Bar Harbor, Maine and then to see family in Michigan. Does anyone have a recommendation on a route and the best things to see along the way. We have time to play!

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    Welcome to RTA!

    By all means, be sure to take US-1 in Maine as much as you can. It's a beautiful drive in summer, and I can only imagine how gorgeous it would be in the fall with the leaves turning colors!

    While we don't do "best" here, we would love to recommend things if we knew more of your interests. For instance, you may be very interested in places like Grand Canyon NP, Mesa Verde NP, or maybe not. You may or may not be interested in Cadillac Ranch near Amarillo, where old Cadillacs are nosed into the dirt and folks are allowed to spray paint art on them.

    You may also find it interesting to check out Leaf-Peeping Resources under "Trips and Ideas" (above), Attractions -- US, Favorite Routes and A to Z Attractions by State under "Routes and Sights" above, and our Map Center.

    I'm looking forward to retirement myself someday (5-8 years), and hope to do exactly what you're going to do -- road trip during the shoulder season!


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    Default Think Outside the Box

    However you get your basic directions, whether from an on-line routine, consulting paper maps, or from your favorite automobile club, don't limit yourself to the direct Interstate routes that such sources favor. Details will depend a bit on exactly where in Michigan you're going and where in Arizona you're going, but a few very general recommendations...

    Definitely consider getting your passport up to date and going through Canada - Québec, Eastern Townships, Montréal, Ottawa, Thousand Islands, Toronto - between Acadia and Michigan. Why not add a little international panache to your trip? Also work out two entirely separate ways to get from Michigan to Arizona and then from Arizona back to New York. Mapping routines will generally have you using the exact same roads between St. Louis and Arizona on both those legs, but that denies you the opportunity to see more of the country. Look at using the old Oregon Trail (I-80) through Nebraska and then crossing the Rockies in Colorado and heading down through the Four Corners area into Arizona or conversely staying south on your return from Arizona to see the Gulf of Mexico and then heading back up along the Appalachians into New York.

    More specific recommendations will depend on your interests (which you haven't shared with us) and your final choice of routes (which you haven't made - yet).

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