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  1. Default Traveling to Pensecola/western northern Florida from Cincinnati ohio

    Hi guys & gals Im not sure how to do this it is my first attempt. Looking for best route from Ohio to florida with travel trailer. Trying to avoid mountains as much as possible if you can help me out I'd sure appreciate it thanks

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    Default Simple Basics

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    The US Interstate Highway System is built so that heavy trucks (specifically military convoys) can travel at highway speeds without slowing down. Grades are limited to 6% maximum and curves are similarly restricted. You can take any Interstate Highway (the ones labeled I-## and marked by red, white and blue shields) and be confident that you can negotiate it with ease. However, if you would still like to avoid even the thought or semblance of mountains, then it is easy enough to use I-75 south from Cincinnati to Chattanooga, use I-24 west to connect with I-59, and take I-59 south to Birmingham AL, I-65 to just north of Pensacola in Alabama, and finally, AL-113 and US-29 into Pensacola, and miss the Appalachians entirely.


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    I actually would slightly disagree with Buck's route suggestion.

    Instead of taking I-75 through Chattanooga, I would take I-71 to Louisville, and pick up I-65 there - taking I-65 south all the way to southern Alabama, before cutting down on AL-113 and US-29.

    I believe sticking with I-65 will be a little bit (30 miles) shorter, and I think it's more flat than using I-75 south.

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    Default I Agree

    It's not often that I disagree with myself, but Michael is right about using I-65 through Louisville and Nashville rather than I-75 to Chattanooga. Unfortunately, I had originally chosen a 'destination' in downstate Florida rather than in the panhandle and set a way point in Chattanooga to go around the mountains. There's no need to do that if you're headed for Pensacola. My bad, sorry!


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