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    Hi Dave,
    I have been to Kaibab National Forest recently for our honeymoon, but while being there we came to know that Grand Canyon National Park is also near from it. I leave in Los Angeles currently. I have heard a lot about Grad Canyon and would love to visit it with my spouse. Will you please plan my trip to Grand Canyon. Do tell me the easiest and nearest route from Los Angeles to Grand Canyon.

    Also I need to know about the accommodation there!!

    Again it should not be expensive... Please assist me !!!
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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Ok, you have me very confused, you've been to the Kaibab National Forest recently, but you didn't know that you were right on the doorstep of the Grand Canyon?

    While we certainly can provide you with tips and suggestions to help you plan a trip, we don't actually plan people's trips for them here. It sounds to me like you need to start by opening up a map and actually looking at the area, because without any sort of understanding of the layout of an area, nothing we can say will be very helpful - and if you can make a trip to within just a few miles of something as well known as the Grand Canyon, and not know it was there, then you certainly need to spend a little time getting a basic understanding of where you are going and where you'll be.

    A trip from LA to the Grand Canyon basically means finding your way to I-40 and taking it nearly all the way there. There are several places to stay at and near the Canyon, although if you are looking for budget hotels, you'll probably have to head to Williams or Flagstaff, each about an hour from the Canyon.
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    Default Maps and knowing how to read them.

    Whereas I agree with all Michael wrote. I also think it is a classic example of what happens when one gets in a car without good maps. Any good map would have shown you what was nearby, including the roads to get there. The confines of a gps may not have shown what else there was within easy driving distance. Best thing you can do is sit down with good maps of California and Arizona, learn to read them and the lie of the land, so that next time you hit the road you know where you are going, how to get there and what else there is to see along the way.


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    Default And While You're There...

    As the other responders have noted, it really is a shame to get so close to a unique spot/area/attraction and not take the opportunity to visit. That's just one of the reasons knowing how to read a real map with its synoptic (overall) view is so important. Reliance on electronic gizmos such GPS, the Internet (even this site!), and others will always leave you at the mercy of what others think is important.

    This second trip to the Grand Canyon area is a good opportunity to make up for your previous 'oversight', but don't make the same mistake again. There are any number of unique places in that area that you should at least consider adding to your itinerary. Among them are Lowell Observatory where Pluto was discovered, several National Monuments including Walnut Canyon, Sunset Crater and Wupatki, the Museum of Northern Arizona, Oak Creek Canyon, the Cameron Trading Post, Meteor Crater, the Astrogeology branch of the US Geological Survey, the longest remaining stretch of the old Route 66 roadbed, lakes, ski resorts, Indian Reservations, etc., etc., etc.

    If I could characterize all the advice given in these forums over the years by one simple sentence it would be: "Don't just get from Point A to Point B, Explore!"


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