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  1. Default 4 days 3 nights from Vegas - GC, Zion, Bryce, Page

    At the end of a 2 week road trip in July 15 from SFO, PCH, Yosemite, DV and Vegas, we have 3 nights and the best part of 4 days (late flight home from LAS) in which to see the Grand Canyon, Zion, Bryce and Page. Is this possible and what would be the best route? Presuming North rim might work best? Any ideas gratefully received.
    Many thanks

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    Default One too many perhaps.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    You will be hard pushed to visit all four places in under 4 days and be able to enjoy them. I personally would drop Page as you really won't have time to enjoy the many attractions around there. If you spent a night at Zion NP and continued to Bryce canyon the following morning early, you could perhaps spend the night in Kanab from where you could visit the North rim and stay at Jacob Lake before driving back to Vegas.

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    Default Not only close.

    Going to the North Rim of the GC has the extra benefit that it is less crowded, easier to park at all the view points... and has a wonderfully scenic route into and out of the Park.


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    Thanks - I thought it might be a bit too much. Boys really want to see monument valley but guess they'll gave to do that on their own on another trip!

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    Or if we went the other way to the GC south rim, could we get to Monument Valley too? We'd have to miss Zion and Bryce then though. Which would you guys recommend?

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    Default My choice, but it's your decision to make.

    If you went to the south rim you could visit Monument valley. Personally speaking I think that both Zion and Bryce has more to offer than Monument valley and both of them combined, no contest. Of course it's a matter of taste and each individual is different and there is no wrong option, just what you prefer as a group. The south rim and MV would have the bonus of allowing you more time from the car and more 'breathing in' the atmospher at the canyon etc.

  7. Default SF Vegas Zion Bryce DV Yosemite

    Hi there
    We (4 of us including 2 teenage boys) have 3 weeks for a fly drive in July but not sure which way round to do it...
    "Must dos" are Yosemite (3 nights), San Fran (3 nights), DV, Vegas (at least 1.5 days there) Zion, Bryce and GC and at least some of the PCH , preferably Driving southwards. We would also like a few days at the end on a beach somewhere with maybe some surfing for the boys (? LA, ?San Diego). If we could also fit in Monument Valley, that would be great. We will mainly stay in family quad rooms to keep costs down and will hire a mid size SUV and are open to an open jaw flight but presumably that would incur a penalty for the car hire?
    A helicopter trip would be good too - is that something we could do from the GC rim rather than from Vegas?
    Thinking of maybe flying into Phoenix or Vegas?
    I've done lots of research and looked at various itineraries but they all seem to either miss out Zion/Bryce or are for 2 weeks.
    We need to fly out on Sat 18th July and be back in UK by Sunday 9th August.
    I would really welcome any suggestions.
    Many thanks

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    A loop trips fits your 'wish list' really well so I would look at SF, LA and LV to see which offers the best price when you combine flight and car rental costs. Statrting from any of these your trip would look something like this; LA > Grand canyon > Monument valley> Bryce canyon > Zion > LV >Death valley > Yosemite > SF >LA via coast. If you wanted to fit San Diego in it would be after LA.

    If you want to keep costs down then a mid size sedan would do the job as well as an SUV at less cost.

    You can fly over the Grand canyon NP from the GC airport in Tusayan. It's a great experience but not exactly cheap. Papillon helicopters are one of the main companies that offer flights out of there, one being a 45 min trip over the painted desert to the North rim and back. Note that no flights actually land within the National park and that most flights from Vegas only go to the west rim which is not part of the NP or anywhere as near as spectacular.

    It's good to look at other itineraries for inspiration but don't look for one that is a 'perfect' match. One of the great things about taking a road trip is that it is unique to you.

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    Thanks Southwestdave - do you think we could do it without being too rushed in 3 weeks?
    Day 1 fly into LV
    Day 2 LV
    Day 3 LV to GC South
    Day 4 GC to Monument Valley
    Day 5 MV to Page? Could we miss this out?
    Day 6 Page to Bryce
    Day 7 Bryce to Zion
    Day 8 Zion
    Day 9 Zion to LV
    Day 10 LV up DV
    Day 11 DV to Yosemite
    Day 12 Yosemite
    Day 13 Yosemite
    Day 14 Yosemite to SF
    Day 15 SF
    Day 16 SF
    Day 17 SF to Monterey
    Day 18 Monterey to Pismo
    Day 18 Pismo to Santa Monica
    Day 19 Santa Monica
    Day 20 if miss out day 5, gain an additional say in Santa Monica
    Day 20 Santa Monica to LAS fly home
    Looks a bit hectic!

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    Default It wouldn't be rtoo ushed for me.

    Looks a bit hectic!
    It is a case of works for you but for me that looks positively relaxed for a 'typical' roadtrip. You could skip Page if you wish, but I would plan on leaving the GC late afternoon on day 4 to maximise your time there and taking in Monmuent valley on the morning of day 5.

    Death valley is quite close to Vegas and it will be very hot in July, so I would consider driving through Death valley and enjoy the landscape with a few brief stops and stay the night around Bishop.

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