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    Hello, my name is Luis. Me and my girlfriend Melissa are on a 50 state road trip. Just want to say hey and am looking for other people with similar experiences to share advice and stories with. We are 20 years old, from Oregon originally, currently in Wisconsin. We have been to around 10 states so far as we near the east coast.

    We mostly make our income from doing odd jobs found on Craigslist.

    Ask us anything, we'd love to chat.

    New members may not ink to outside websites. Mod.
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    Default Sounds good.

    Hi, and Welcome to the Great Amertican Roadtrip Forum.

    Sounds like quit6e an adventure. Am sure other members will like to see and read of your experiences. We have a special forum, especially for that purpose. It is a forum where most folk go first to read of what othert have done / are doing.

    Look forward to reading of your adventures. and seeing all your pictures.


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    If I cannot post outside links. How can I post images?

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    easy.... go to 'members on the green bar above... click on photo share, etc.

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    Default RTA's Photoshare application

    As a general rule, we much prefer that members use our internal photo sharing library or the built-in photo program on this forum -- but there's no absolute requirement to use either to post photos. Posting of links to other sites -- especially personal sites -- is an earned right here for members. You just have to be active for awhile.

    The main reason that we prefer that you use our photo sharing software is we can safeguard the images and ensure that they remain accessible to viewers of your posts. Any photos housed on other servers/clouds not managed by RTA don't have that protection.

    I've enabled the photos you previously posted -- and I hope you'll use the RTA PhotoShare for subsequent postings.



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