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    I will be traveling from Kansas City, Mo to San Francisco, Ca. This will be the first road trip with the kids without my husband ( he has to fly because of work). Our usual vacation is to Florida for Disney but next summer we are wanting to do something different. I will be spending 4 to days driving with 3 kids ages 12, 14 and 15. I'm looking for advise on places to stop and things to see. This will be 1 of the last road trips we all go on together and I want it to be memorable and some what stress free.

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    Welcome to RTA!

    You're looking at an 1810 mile trip, one way, by the shortest route (up to I-80 via I-29). That's 3 very long (600 mi) days on the road, which doesn't leave you much "play room" to stop and see much along the way if you want to make it to SF in 4 days.

    If you're a Disney fan, when you're in San Francisco, check out the Disney Family Museum that is located in Golden Gate Park.


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    Default What a wonderful opportunity.

    Your children are at a wonderful age to design this trip for you. They have until next summer to find attractions all along the way which will interest them. And chances are if it interests them, it will interest you as well. Whereas it will be a long day each day, with four days you will have time to make regular short stops.

    So put them to work. Get them to research the route you plan on taking, and see what they can find along the way, stops which will be brief and not eat into your time too much,. One thing is sure, when teenagers have an investment in the trip they will get a lot out of the trip and their anticipation will be high as well.From their research the children will learn much more than geography. It will include them having to take into account the time management for the trip.

    Have a great trip. It is beautiful country across which you will be travelling.


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    Default Make It Theirs

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    There are two things that, more than anything else, will help make this a fun, stress free, and memorable RoadTrip. One you've already taken care of and that is to have enough time to do the trip safely with enough left over for several fairly short, but interesting stops. The second you can start doing now - get the kids' buy-in by letting them decide where those stops will be. I'm sure at their ages they have 'opinions'. Don't fight them, indulge them. Your basic route will be up I-29 to Nebraska City, a quick jog west on NE-2 to Lincoln and I-80 the rest of the way to San Francisco. Mark that on a map and let the kids do a little research on what's available. Since I-80 follows the Platte River and the old Oregon Trail, skirts around the Great Salt Lake, and passes near wonderful old silver and gold mining towns before getting to San Francisco, they shouldn't have too much trouble. Just to help give you some ideas, look at the appropriate section of I-80 here.

    The final tip to help avoid stress is: Once you have a number of stops picked out decide on how long you'd like to spend at each one and how far, realistically, you can drive each day when those stops are taken into account. The "realistically" is important. Don't for a minute believe the estimates you will get from on-line or computer-based mapping routines. They live in a fantasy world where you never need to stop, not for gas, not for food, not for bathroom breaks, and where you never even have to slow down, not for traffic, not for construction, not for weather. As a simple rule-of-thumb add a full 20% to whatever time such a program estimates and you'll have a decent approximation for the real-world driving time. And remember, stops at attractions are extra.

    If your stops are relatively well spaced along your route, and you have four days for the trip, then overnight stops would be roughly Ogallala NE, Rock Springs WY, and Battle Mountain NV. You my want to alter those a bit, again depending on where your kids pick to spend most of their out-of-the-car time. The point is to have a plan so that you can do your 'shopping' on-line ahead of time, make reservations, and have one less thing to stress out about on the road.

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    The only problem with Battle Mountain, NV, is that it doesn't have a lot of choices for lodging. Elko or Winnemucca have more choices. In Elko, we really liked the America's Best Value Gold Country Inn when we stayed there this past summer. It was a huge complex, the rooms were large, I believe they have suites and adjoining rooms available, and all the benefits of a casino if you're interested. They also have an outdoor pool.


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