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    Hi, I am planning a trip, arriving December 26th to Seattle and drive trough the 101 all the way to SF and ending the trip on Jan 3rd. The trip is intended to go in an RV, we are 5 guys in our young 20's trying to get the more scenery and fun, no big interest in Portland or main big cities along the way. Is it safe to drive considering the weather? Which are other main concerns we have to plan ?

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    If you are sticking to the coast, the weather shouldn't impact your drive too much. It's quite rare to see any significant snow or the like along the coast - unlike if you were using a more inland route, where winter weather is quite common.

    Having said that, completing this trip in an RV at this time of year could still be very challenging. You will likely have enough chance of seeing below freezing weather that the RV may have to stay winterized - which means no using any of the RV's water systems, including kitchen and bathrooms. RV's are also not well insulated, so you may struggle to keep warm overnight, or have to use the generator quite frequently to keep the heating systems running. Finally, you may also struggle to find open campgrounds, and without campgrounds, you're going to have a tough time finding a safe and legal place to park for the night.

    You could very well be able to overcome those issues, but they are potential issues you should think about before deciding that RV travel is how you want to go for this trip.

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    Former RV'er chiming in here:

    You definitely should reconsider the use of an RV for this trip. I know that 5 guys may mean two hotel rooms per night, or getting a suite (which is what I'd recommend). Michael is correct about the winterized state of an RV, which is needed in any areas where it will reach freezing and stay that way for longer than 3 hours. Pipes freeze and break. Tanks (such as the fresh water, grey and black water) freeze and crack, even with chemicals in them. RV owners have a process called "winterizing" which includes "blowing out the system" (ensuring that no water is left in the pipes and tanks) and then adding chemicals. It's not a cheap process that you can undo one night and then redo when you drive into a colder area, so many RV rental dealers penalize you if you hook their winterized vehicle to a water hookup or fill it with water in any other way.

    To add to what Michael said about the insulation: our RV's furnace was NOT very quiet. I always compared it to the sound of a jet taking off, though hubby would tell me, "it's not THAT loud!" We learned to use electric heaters, but that would be an expense to purchase and then try to deal with when you're done, in the event that the RV you rented had an exceptionally loud furnace blower.

    I also agree with him about the availability of campgrounds and RV parks at that time of the year, in the northern reaches. Many are open April to October, or similar. Closed in the winter! That includes public ones like the national forest and state park campgrounds.


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    Really fellas, it's just not the best time to travel the coast. It would not be unusual to have rain your whole trip which would dampen your travels ( no pun intended). Many of the beautiful sights would be hidden by clouds. RV travel could be problematic as the others have stated. Although I don't think you'd see any snow or even very cold temps since it's a lot more temperate along the coast vs. further inland.

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