I refuse to believe that summer is almost over. As a result, I'm planning a long weekend road trip in September to Burlington, VT by way of NYC.

I plan on taking the Taconic Parkway all the way up. I'm leaving Friday AM (around 7AM) and would like to arrive in Burlington in time for dinner (around 6PM/7PM). With about 12 hours to travel, I would love to make a few pitstops to any local reputable eateries, farmers' markets, or road stands that are good for a bite to eat/grab snacks and highly recommended.

And, if you know any non-foodie sights/attractions that are worth stopping by - let me know! (Not really a fan of things like the Yankee Candle shop but a little odder attractions like...the world's biggest yarn ball. Does that make sense?)

Any recommendations? Thanks in advance for making this a delicious, memorable road trip before summer's over!