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    My fiancÚ and I are getting married in May and we are going to Vegas! We have flown there a couple times, but this time he is really wanting to drive. We both love going on road trips. The farthest we've traveled was to Florida and back. Does anyone have any advice or tips for us for when we go?

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Without having any idea about what kind of "Tips" you might be looking for, it's hard to know what information to give you. I will say that probably the single biggest rookie mistake when planning a long trip like this is overestimating how far you can drive in a day and/or believing the travel time estimates of online mapping programs. Detroit to Vegas is a 2000 mile trip each way, which means you need a minimum of 4 days each way to make the trip safely - and that's before you really add in time to explore the many possible things along the way.

    Otherwise, I'd recommend you spend a little time looking around this website, as it is filled with suggestions and ideas to help you build the perfect trip for you. After that, if you have some specific questions, we'll be glad to help.

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Pretty much every word ever written he ere has been advice and/or tips for RoadTrippers, so without a bit more specificity to your question(s), about all we can say is look around a bit a read! I will say a few things very generally about your trip. Leave a minimum of four full days for the drive each way, more if you plan to stop anywhere along the way to see anything. Talk to your financÚ and decide what kind of RoadTrip you want to take. Look at some maps and see what are the major attractions that you would both like to see, even if they aren't on the absolutely shortest route as dictated by some mapping software. when you have some of those basic trip parameters set, then come on back and ask some more detailed questions and we'll do our best to be of help.


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    I guess any tips in general for taking a 2000 mile road trip would be helpful. We have both driven to Florida and back within 24 hours before. We each take turns driving. I would like to drive there directly without making too many stops, but on the way back we can take our time. We are in no hurry so how ever many days it takes doesn't matter.

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    Driving to Florida and back without stopping was extremely dangerous and you put both your lives and the lives of everyone else on the road at risk. Driving fatigued kills -statistically is is very bit as dangerous as drunk driving. We are not joking when we say that you need a minimum of 4 days each way to do this trip safely.

    But again, beyond that if you want "tips in general" spend some time looking around this website - that's what this site is all about. We certainly can't just condense that down to a quick forum response. Again, if you have any specific questions, we'll be glad to help, but I'd strongly recommend you start by spending a little bit of time actually reading the vast wealth of knowledge that's already available.

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