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    I've got a friend flying in to NYC in mid-September and we'll spend a couple days in the city and then road trip it back to my home in St Louis. I've been across the Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, etc route before and the traditional Google Maps route and the one my GPS wants to take seems pretty boring. Just normal highways lined with trees, etc.

    I was hoping for ideas on how to make this trip more scenic, more interesting, etc while not veering off the direct path TOO much because we only have 2 weeks together and I want to spend more of it in my home area doing stuff than on the road trapped in a car :) And possibly a couple picturesque Bed and Breakfasts along the way instead of a hotel.

    Thank you.

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    I'll say your first bet to look at your approach, no matter which routes you take - if you think they will be "pretty boring" and consider the time to be "trapped in a car" you're not likely to find the trip enjoyable no matter which way you go. There are fantastic things to see and do along every "normal highway lined with trees," if you take the time to look for them. If you want to make your trips more interesting, start with the approach described in this article.

    An option I might look at would be to take I-81 down to Shenandoah National Park, and then make your way over to St. Louis via I-64 - which takes you near New River Gorge, and then a pretty nice driver through the hills of Kentucky and Indiana. That doesn't add much in the way of time vs. a more direct route.

    If you have more time, you could look at Following the Blue Ridge Parkway, either all the way down to the Smokies, or just doing part of the drive, perhaps heading west through the Cumberland Gap. From there, you could drive across either Tennessee or southern Kentucky for an enjoyable drive, before cutting back north to St. Louis.

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    Thank you. I'll look at those routes via map and check out the details.

    The main reason I worded it like that is because we only have 2 weeks together and the main reason of the drive is to get to St Louis, with a secondary purpose being for her to see some good chunks of America along the way, which she has never seen before. But I just can't go too far out of the way, because getting to the destination needs to take a little higher priority.

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    Default More Than One Way to Skin a Cat

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    No matter what silicon-based 'intelligence' may tell you, there is more than one way to get from New York to St. Louis. There are more than two ways, more than three,etc., etc., etc. There are in fact, thousands. Most of them at least as scenic as the Interstates, but having the disadvantage of being slower and the advantage of giving you time to experience the different regions you'll be driving through. Since the straight-shot all-Interstate route would take you close to two full days, you'll need to be prepared to sped around three days on any of these slower, more interesting routes. So, what are some of these alternatives?

    Well, you take a relatively 'northern' approach and go NJ-15 to go past the northern end of the Delaware Water Gap, US-6 across northern Pennsylvania, US-30 through Ohio, US-24 in Indiana, and IN-25 and IL-16 and connecting roads to complete the journey into the St. Louis area.

    A more 'southern' approach would have you taking I-78 down to the Harrisburg area, US-15 south past Gettysburg, US-40 (the old National Road) west through Maryland and Pennsylvania, OH-7/US-52 and connecting roads down the Ohio River, and US-50 west the rest of the way into St. Louis

    There are, of course, many many others as long as you don't limit yourself to what some electronic device 'decides' is best for you.


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    If you would like a change of pace that will still only take 2 days - with the added benefit of being almost toll-free - you could take I-78 out of NYC to I-81 to Hagerstown, then I-70 to Hancock, I-68 to Morgantown, I-79 to Charleston, then I-64 to STL. Charleston would be your halfway point, Tripadvisor lists one B&B in Charleston with decent reviews.

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