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    so my boyfriend and i are traveling from South Georgia to New York this winter, we have 2 months for our whole trip (Dec and Jan), this is just part of it, any recommendations of places to stop on the way or some must see attractions would be appreciated or even any suggestion for things to do in the south east also. We are planning on hiring a car and just drvimg until we need to come back :)


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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Do you have 2 months to get from Georgia to New York, or are you planning to spend a few days on this drive as part of a larger 2 month trip?

    Either way, it would be very helpful to know the details of your entire trip, as trying to help you, when only seeing a small piece of your overall plan is very difficult.

    It is also very difficult to give you any meaningful advice on what to see or do on the entire east coast of the US when we have no idea what you might be interested in (we really don't believe in generic "must sees" here). There are thousands upon thousands of possibilities.

    I would start by looking around this website, especially the RTA Map Center which will help you find recommended attractions between your starting and ending point. Then, I'd suggest you give us a little more information about you and your plans, and what things you know at this point you want to see.

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    well we arrive in Miami and intend to go to the keys and explore a bit of Florida then spending time in south Georgia, i went to school for a semester there so i know people, Iam from Scotland and only been to the southern states before. We will probably take a couple of weeks for the New York journey, we want to see some natural sights, historical sights and generally just some pretty cool stuff, we had also considered driving from Valdosta to Texas but i think both those trips would be a lot of driving.
    Thanks for your help

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