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  1. Default Los Angeles to Seattle

    I will have 13 days off in September and planning to drive from Los Angeles to Seattle.
    I would like to spend 3-4 days in Seattle and drive back, any suggestions that will help to make the drive as scenic as possible.


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    Welcome to RTA!

    One suggestion would be to come down the Pacific Coast Highway (CA-1) between the SF Bay Area and LA, as you return south.


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    Default Along the way.

    Five days each way should give you time to do more than just fly up I-5. Get out a good map and look at the great NPs near you. If you have not already been there, you might like to check out Sequoia NP, Kings Canyon, Yosemite and a little further up, Crater Lake. Closer to Seattle you have the Columbia River Gorge, Mt St Helens and Mt Rainier.

    You cannot do all of these, but there's a choice to start with. I agree that the coast should be driven southbound, when the ocean is on your side. Be sure to allow two days for the SF to LA section. In Northern California you might consider diverting from the coast a little and checking out the Humboldt Redwood SP along with The Avenue of Giants.


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    Default Some Previous Recommendations

    Although a bit long in the tooth, these recommendations are still relevant to a trip like yours.


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    Thanks for all the suggestions, my wife and I really appreciate it. We will definitely take your advice coming down south by the coast.Any suggestions for 1 night rest half way between Los Angeles and Seattle?

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    Default With Only One Stop There Will Be No Others

    If you only plan to make only one overnight stop between Los Angeles and Seattle, then there is little point in worrying about scenic routes or attractions on the way north. You won't have time. At over 1100 miles, all you will have time for is a grinding two day drive up I-5 stopping only for food, fuel, bathroom breaks, and an occasional time out at a local park. Your halfway point would be Dunsmuir CA. Hopefully, that sacrifice will leave you more time for the Seattle to Los Angeles leg.


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    We can take 3 days to go up and 3 days to come down, do you think that's better? Any suggestions? We would want to see mt st Helens, spend a day or two in Portland going up. Coming down south, we would like to see the Redwoods and the beautiful coast. Any advices?
    Thank you.

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    Default Better but limiting.

    Three days is certainly better than two, but still doesn't leave you with a lot of free time. For example you can spend a day in Portland, but not two, and that is your 'extra' day gone going up. The Redwoods would be a good option on the way down where you might be able to enjoy part of the coast, but again that would be a choice for you to make in preference to others. I would do a little more research and decide what appeals to you the most, but it seems as though you are underestimating the time and distance it will take to get between LA and Seattle. As buck mentioned, it's the best part of 2 days one way. Two plus two in Portland = 4 and that's without Mt St Helens.

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    As others have said, I've done the Seattle/LA drive many times. I stop in Redding, Ca. for the night. Outside of a food stop, fuel, and bathroom breaks, there is no time to sightsee. Portland is an interesting city. You could easily spend a day there. Be forwarned. Portland's afternoon traffic will rival LA's, as will Seattle's.

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