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  1. Default RV Trip summer 2015 - Vegas/Yellowstone/Canada/Seattle


    This year we dit not do a roadtrip USA (we did a South Africa roadtrip).
    For next year i'm planning a trip to the states again with about 10 days in Canada.

    We are thinking about doing this in a RV and the last few days in a car again.
    I've come up with a trip that looks great (i think :)

    I would like to say that we have already visited the fist places (Vegas/Bryce/South Rim/Page (antelopeCanyon)/Monument Valley).
    But picking up the RV in Vegas is much cheaper than picking it up in Denver for example. And this was a great place and the parks were amazing. So maybe the stay is a bit short in Vegas/Bryce/Grand Canyon for most people but we have already been here and a quick stop will be perfect. So everything above Monument Valley is new for us.

    I have come up with the following (we are planning this trip for 4 weeks):
    1 flight to Vegas
    2 Pickup RV end of the day. Short route to St. Geore
    3 From St. George to Bryce. Time left for nice hike in Bryce
    4 Morning in Bryce, 3 hours driving to Grand Canyon North Rim. Time left for hike and viewpoints
    5 Sunrise in North Rim. Drive to Gouldings Camping Monument Valley. Time left for Antelope Canyon/Horseshoe bend?
    6 Wakup in Monument Valley, drive to Arches NP and checkout Arches. Night in Dead horse state park?
    7 Dead Horse State Park, Canyonlands. Night in Moab
    8 Valley of Goblins and drive to Rock Spring/Vernal
    9 Drive to Grand Teton NP. Sleep near Teton NP
    10 Sunrise Teton NP, And drive to Yellowstone
    11 Watch Yellowstone
    12 Leave Yellowstone, Drive to Flathead Lake State Park or Missoula?
    13 Glacier NP, night in St. Mary?
    14 Hike Glacier NP, and drive Waterton Lakes Canada
    15 From Waterton to Banff. Checkout Banff NP
    16 Banff NP and area (lake louise, Moraine Lake) sleep near Lake Louise?
    17 Boat trips, mountain tops. Sleep near Lake Louise?
    18 Drive to Jasper on the Icefields Pkwy
    19 Jasper NP
    20 Drive to Clearwater and visit Wells Grey Park?
    21 Drive from Clearwater to Whistler
    22 Drive to Vancouver and visit Vancouver
    23 Vancouver visit
    24 Drive to Seattle (drop RV, and continue in car). Visit Seattle
    25 Visit Seattle
    26 Drive to Portland. Japanese Botanocal garden, Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area. Night in Hood River?
    27 Multnomah Falls, Drive back from Mount Rainier to Seattle
    28 Last check in Seattle, Flight back end of the day

    See this link for a Google Maps view.
    Any suggestions? Im not sure about the days in Banff. Maybe this will be a day to long...

    And yes, it is a lot of driving, but that's ok.
    I've done more driving is last trips and it was perfect :)
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    Overall -- lots of driving, mostly decent plan. However, a couple of things stick out:

    * Don't count on it being a 3-hour drive from Bryce to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. Plan on it being closer to 4 or even 5 hours.

    9 Drive to Grand Teton NP. Sleep near Teton NP
    10 Sunrise Teton NP, And drive to Yellowstone
    11 Watch Yellowstone
    12 Leave Yellowstone, Drive to Flathead Lake State Park or Missoula?
    Here was the biggest issue, at least IMHO. A day in the Tetons will work, unless you are into canoeing, rafting, kayaking, hiking, riding horseback. Driving to Yellowstone will work on the same day. However, to only have one day in Yellowstone is seriously shortchanging yourself. We spent 3 days and touched on the main points, but wish we'd have left a 4th day. Traffic is heavy in Yellowstone between mid-June and late-August, so parking at many viewpoints (especially with an RV) can be an issue. You'll have to get out and walk to see many things, they're not "right at the edge of the road" or "right at the edge of the parking lot". If you want to see Old Faithful go off, you may have to wait up to an hour and a half to two hours -- it's no longer going off every hour like it used to. (It's still faithful about going off, it's just longer between -- happened after an earthquake in the region in 1998.) Animal jams, where traffic stops to watch elk-bear-bison-pronghorn go by, will hold up traffic. There is a mountain pass where folks go up and down very slowly, and you may be one of them in an RV.

    Anyway, if you can allot another day to Yellowstone, you will be doing yourself a favor.


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    Thanks for your info.
    When i check my pictures from last roadtrip it took us about 3 hours to get from Page to Bryce Canyon (in a car). This is about the same distance as the road to the North Rim.
    But maybe it is better to leave a bit sooner, so we can do a nice walk at the north rim.

    On day 10 i was thinking about driving from Teton to Yellowstone with multiple picture taking breakes. So not doing any hike of trip, but just take the main road to Yellowstone.
    So we have 1.5 day in Yellowstone..

    Maybe it is better to stay another day in Yellowstone, and skip one day in Banff (skip day17) or stay only one day in Vancouver (skip day23)?
    oooor, maybe Skip the stop in Waterton (day 14)? And drive from Glacier direct to Banff :)

    Any thoughts? :)
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    Default One highlight which deserves your time.

    When you come from outside of North America it is tempting to pack in as much as you can see, since you have come such a long way. But sometimes less is more. In the case of Yellowstone, this is certainly the case. Two days will barely let you scratch the surface. That place is soooooo amazing, with so many magnificent views and things to see and experience, I would be making it the highlight of the trip, and perhaps even cutting down/out all three you have mentioned, and really explore and learn from the Yellowstone experience.

    Think of this. In 2009, shortly after I entered the park there was quite some commotion with vehicles parked illegally all over the place. I went to see what it was all about. There were hundreds of folk watching this mother moose, a short distance off, suckling her hours old calf. A sight like that (or similar) you cannot plan for, but you could stumble upon. Leave yourself wiggle room to experience all this great place has to offer. There is no other like it on the planet.


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    Agree with others about Yellowstone. As I've stated on other post, I've been there many times, and traffic can rival many cities at times. Another word of caution. You cannot equate car travel times and RV travel times. If I'm assuming here, please forgive me. Travel by motorhome is much different than by car. There are a few task that have to done most mornings before you can get underway. Dumping tanks, storing the freshwater hose, disconnecting and storing the electrical cord, making sure everything is secure inside the RV and lastly doing a walk around( pre tripping). Check lights, tires, ect.

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    Do you have any experience traveling in an RV?

    You've got an extremely aggressive schedule, that would be tough to do in a car and have time to see most of the places you'll be going. Trying to do this in an RV is going to be close to impossible. An RV has its advantages, but speed is not one of them. If you want to do a "see everything" check things off a list trip, then it isn't a good choice.

    Honestly, there are a lot of places where you are trying to just do too much - where you've got long drives planned, and then are trying to see parks and places on top of that. Yellowstone, as others have noted, is one of those spots where you haven't given yourself enough time, but there are plenty of others. Monument Valley to Arches and then back across to Dead Horse is way more than I'd try to do in a day in an RV. Right now, you'll have less than half a day in the Tetons, once you factor in the drive from Rock Springs.

    If you're going to travel by RV and want to see some of these places, I think you need to scale things back quite a bit.

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    Hi Michael,

    Thanks for the reply. I did not see your reply before... SORry about that.
    Looks like the email notification was in my spam box

    ButyYeah, it is quite a roadtrip :)but looks like it can be done. Last trip in the usa had more miles we did by car.
    Even then we stayed in vegas + la + sf and san diego for more than a week. Now we dont stay much at one place so the driving is much more spread out i think.
    The avg distance a day is about 160miles, and we have only 3 days with 300 miles.

    And i have not driven an rv before :)

    I was reading some more today, and saw that glacier NP is not allowed by an rv bigger than 21feet.
    Are there more places on my route that cannot be done by a 'large' rv?
    I was thinking about an c25 rv. But if a c19 is better maybe we have to take this one.

    And we have been in Monument Valley.
    So i was planning to sleep at the campground near Mv and watch the sunrise. Thenhave some breakfast and look at the views.
    Drive to Moab so we can be there at 12:00 and then visit arches.
    Like this we have got the like 6 hours to visit arches, and then drive to the Dead horse state park for sleeping. Its a lot to see, but can be done i think..

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    Default Glacier is open to RV's.

    You can take a larger RV into Glacier NP, but you can't drive it on the Going to the Sun road and nor would you want to. I have driven some challenging roads in an RV but in this case I think you would enjoy it more by taking a Red bus tour and let someone else do the driving while you enjoy the scenery,even if you had a C19.

    It's not the overall mileage that is really the problem, it's the size of the parks and the slow speed limits and congestion. In Yellowstone you can be at a standstill frequently because of wildlife jams [mainly Bison on the road] and the cars that stop to photograph them. As Michael said you will be rushed in places and won't have real time to appreciate them fully. If your OK with that then that's your call, as long a s you are aware before you set off.

    Have fun !

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    Hi Dave,

    Thanks for the info.
    I've read some info about the red bus: http://www.glaciernationalparklodges...-red-bus-tours
    So if we park our RV at Lake Mcdonald we can take the tour by Red Bus?
    I see this is about 80$ a pp. Do you need reservations for this? Or can you just apear on the day at 0900?

    And i was planning on going to the 'Hidden Lake' by RV. Since this is not possible (in a c25) can you come here by bus or something?

    And maybe the trip is a 'bit':) rushed. But think thats ok for us.
    last trip we only had 1 full day in the grand canyon, bryce and zyon and 1 night in monument valley.
    In all those places i wanted to see some more. But then we had to skip some other parks..

    And we are skipping one day somewhere to have an extra day in Yellowstone.


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