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  1. Default Brooklyn NY to Key West, Florida

    As a novice on this site. I am not sure where to post our question re the road trip we have planned...from Brooklyn to Key west. We have two weeks and plan to take in Lancaster, DC, Blue ridge parkway, Charleston, Savannah, St Augustine and finish in the Keys. Help!

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    Default When is your trip planned for?

    Michelle, welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum! I moved your post to it's own thread (here) but I am not sure if it is yet in the correct place on the forum. When were you planning to make this trip?

    We have lots of tips for exploring this wonderful part of the USA -- but the time of year makes a big difference. Also, once you get to Key West -- is there a planned return trip on the road -- or will you be flying?

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    Default You Can Begin Here

    As Mark notes, whether this is to be a one-way or round-trip makes a difference, but you should be able to make the trip at a fairly relaxed pace in either case. If you just took I-95 (UUUUGGGHHH!) you could make the trip in less than three days. Taking less frenetic and more interesting route(s) might take you four or even five days depending on how often and how long you stop. But as the discussion I linked you to above notes, there are at least two, and certainly other, alternatives to just driving there. You've got a good start with the places already on your list. Hopefully we can help you find others. Besides knowing whether you can see some things on each of two legs, knowing what your interests are would also help in that regard.


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