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    Default San Francisco to Las Vegas

    Hi all,

    I wanted to get your views on a road trip I am planning with my girlfriend for late May 2015. We will be looking to start our trip in San Francisco and finish in Las Vegas over the course of 1 week.

    I have a rough idea of the route I want to take but have no idea where may be best to stay over on the route and which places are a must see on the way, I'm looking for as much advice as possible!

    My rough itinerary would be to spend 2 nights in San Francisco and from there drive up to Yosemite National Park possibly spending the night in Lee Vining by Mono Lake.

    From there we plan to drive out to Death Valley and spend 1 night there possibly at Stove Pipe Wells.

    From Death Valley we would drive out to Las Vegas and spend our final 2 nights here to include a trip out to the Grand Canyon.

    Any suggestions you can offer would be greatly welcome including better routes to take and other things to consider.



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    Default Food for thought.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    The first thing to consider is that the Tioga Pass [CA120] that crosses the Sierra Nevada through Yosemite to Lee Vining may not yet of opened for the season. There is a good chance it would have, but there is simply no way of knowing. I would plan to spend a night in Yosemite valley or on the west side of the park. This will give you the option of heading south via Bakersfield if Tioga is closed and a little time to enjoy the park. Lee Vining is outside of the park and a long way away from the main areas of the park which you wouldn't have time to enjoy fully with your current plan.

    The other thing to consider is that the Grand canyon NP is not a day trip from Vegas, it really requires an overnight stop. If you were planning on a tour from Vegas you need to do your homework and understand that most do not go to the National park area at the south rim, but instead go on Indian lands at the west rim and Skywalk. This is nowhere near as spectacular as the 'real thing' and can be quite costly.

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    Default An alternative.

    If Tioga Pass is still closed, as mentioned above, you may like to skip Death Valley (or do it as an easy day trip from LV) and head direct from Bakersfield to the Grand Canyon. Spend a day the next day at the Canyon, then drive to LV the following day. If you can, you may like to think about staying within the park. So convenient to experience a sunset and / or sunrise over the canyon.

    Also as mentioned, the day tours from LV to GC are neither as spectacular nor as memorable as actually standing on the rim in the National Park.


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