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    Hey fellow road trippers! I'm looking for advice/ideas/tips about driving through Atlanta. The way my itinerary works out, I should be passing through between 10am-12pm, missing the morning commute. Will this be enough to not get caught up in too much traffic or would I be better off going around it? If I do, I don't want to add any more than one hour to my trip. Also, this will be around my first rest period...any good food/restaurant recommendations in the area? Preferably after passing ATL, not before. Thank you in advance!

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I'm guessing you're trying to do Charlotte to NOLA in a single day? You should know off the bat that while this is not impossible to do as a one day sprint, it is a brutally long day on the road. Despite what online mapping programs may tell you, it's going to take you a good 13 hours to cover the 700+ miles, which is longer than professional drivers are allowed to do in a single day.

    Because you are already pushing the limits, I don't think you have much choice other than going right through Atlanta. My first plan would be to go right through the city, with plan B using I-285 around the south side of the city (Atl has so much sprawl, that the 285 bypass is often just as bad as downtown traffic).

    I would make sure to check a traffic report just as you get into the Atlanta area, either by finding a report on the radio, or perhaps using your rest period to look for the information online.

    If this isn't a one day trip, then I might look at some options to completely bypass the Atlanta Area - for example using a route that would take you near Augusta, Macon, and Columbus - but that's going to add miles and take you on 2 lane roads that would pretty easily add more than an hour to your drive, and would really push you into a danger zone for too many miles on a one day trip.

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