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    I'm driving from Toronto to Calgary and I want to make a nice 5-6 day trip... Any suggestions ( places, restaurants, etc...)

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Before we can help you fill in the details for your trip, you need to make a major decision: Will you stay in Canada for the trip of cross into the U.S.? The major benefits of crossing into the U.S. are that the drive will be somewhat quicker, requiring just about four days of solid driving dispersed over however many days you have for the journey. It will also be a shade cheaper due to lower gas, food, and lodging costs. Staying in Canada means only a slightly longer driving time, maybe another 5-6 hours spread out over your trip. You won't need passports if you don't already have them. You get to see quite a bit of your own country and you're already familiar with many of its national restaurant and motel chains. The scenic aspects of the two routes are likely to be a wash, but you might be more interested in Canadian historic sites rather than American.

    So, to help you make that decision, here are the three basic routes on offer to you:

    1) Fastest drive. Cross into the U.S. at Sarnia and take I-69I-94 to/through Chicago. Leave I-94 at Jamestown ND and use US-281/US-52 to cross back into Canada at North Portal SK. From there, SK-39 will take you up to the Trans-Canada at Moose Jaw for th3e rest of the run into Calgary.

    2) All Canada. Take ON-400/ON-69 north to ON-17 and the Trans Canada which you then just stay on for the rest of the trip.

    3) Possible Alternative. This will also entail crossing into the U.S. but avoids the hassle of Chicago. Take ON-10 u through Owen Sound and then ON-6, including the Tobermory-South Baymouth ferry to Espanola and ON-17 west to Sault Ste. Marie. Cross into the U.S. and use US-2 across the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Minnesota, and North Dakota to join US-52 at Minot and thence as with route (1).

    Once you've chosen a basic route let us know and we'll be glad to offer advice specific to that route.


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    #2 we want to explore Canada

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    I'd probably still do the route up along the Lake Huron coast and the ferry across from Tobermory to South Baymouth. You have the time to take such relaxing 'alternative transportation' on this trip, and it sure beats driving through the strip mining landscape around Sudbury. Then from Sault Ste. Marie just stay on ON-17 until it joins the ON-11 branch of the Trans Canada at Nipigon. Other spots and detours worth checking out as you work your way west include Bruce Peninsula National Park, the Canadian Bushplane Heritage Centre and the Sault Ste. Marie Canal National Historic Site in Sault Ste Marie, Pukaskwa National Park, Riding Mountain National Park, Motherwell Homestead National Historic Park, and the Western Development Museum in Moose Jaw.


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