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    Hey guys I am planning a hitch hiking trip from Chicago to Alaska and back, looking for travel partners to share this awesome adventure with! I will be leaving sometime in September but I am flexbile. Send me a PM or reply back on this thread if you're interested! Quick note about me I'm 25 years old 6' tall 185 lbs and I love adventure. Super friendly, laidback, easy to talk to kind of guy.

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    Hi, and Welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum.

    That sounds like a great adventure. But have you researched all the legalities of it? Having driven to AK and back three times over various routes, I am pretty sure I saw signs in more than one place (can't remember where) that hitch hiking was not permitted.


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    Out of curiosity, how much thought have you given to the safety of your plan. I'm not even talking about the dangers of hitchhiking itself - I'm talking about the logistics of traveling to Alaska in September without a car. In September, you're going to be dealing with overnight temperatures below the freezing mark. Presumably, your travels will take you into October, where you'll see overnight temperatures near 0F. How are you going to safely deal with those kinds of conditions?

    I'd never recommend hitchhiking like this at any time of year, but trying to start such a trip late in the fall seems like a recipe for frostbite, if not worse.

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