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  1. Default Planning NC to CA trip for 2015 summer!

    We are in the beginning stages of planning a road trip for next summer. We will be leaving NC and heading towards CA. We know we want to visit Grand Canyon and Yosemite parks along with several places in California. My girls will be 12 and 15 so we are interested in any sites along the way that we can stop and see. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

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    The big question on your trip is time: as in how much do you expect to have for this trip? Nearly all of the US lies in between NC and CA (not to mention, those are huge targets for starting and ending points). Do you want to focus on natural wonders like GC and Yosemite, or are there other things that you and your family would also be interested in?

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    Default Get booking early.

    Further to what Michael has posted, and assuming you have your dates set, make sure you get onto the NP website as soon as the booking window for those great NPs opens. Accommodation within the parks (highly recommended if your budget allows) is limited and much sought after. Even if you are not staying within the parks, booking in the nearby locations fills up rapidly. It is not unheard of to book six to eight months in advance.


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    Your daughters are old enough to do some of the research -- what do THEY want to do on this trip? The more that teens can do of the planning, the more that they'll buy into the trip.

    It would help a lot if we knew how long you have for the trip. It's about 5 long days of driving in each direction, by the fastest route, so you'd want to have at least 20 days total, to make it worthwhile.


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