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    hi? everyone I'm looking to travel from Houston Texas to Las Vegas. I'm looking for small places and busy it may have awesome food and that is unique. Any suggestions on which route and where to stop

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    The Route I would probably take would be I-45 to DFW, US-287 to Amarillo, and then I-40 west to Arizona, and US-93 on into Vegas. No matter which way you go, you'll need at least 2 overnight stops, and on this route, you could look at Amarillo and Flagstaff as overnight points, if you're treating this as a speed run.

    Another options, which is virtually the same in terms of distance/travel time would be I-10 all the way to Phoenix, then up US-93 from there. If you went this way, Van Horn TX and Phoenix would be your "best case" overnight stops on a speed run, although Fort Stockton and Tucson might be a better choice. The biggest downside with this route is that there is very little for options for overnights between Fort Stockton and Van Horn.

    RTA's Map Center can help you find attractions along either route that you might find interesting.

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    Default One of the best resources out there

    If, by any chance, you just wrote to me -- offline -- using a gmail account, be sure to set your browser so that pop-up windows are enabled. They are required to see the maps.

    Here is a tutorial for using the full mapping program (not just the Map Wizard version).

    One of the best sources for exploring the hundreds of small towns in Texas is Texas Escapes... To date, they have profiled over 3000 towns!

    Enjoy the planning!


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    Van Horn vs Fort Stockton: the lodgings in Fort Stockton are more expensive than Van Horn. However, there's more food choices in Fort Stockton. However, If this were me, I'd head up I-45/US-287/I-40/US-93. On I-40 you'll be at slightly higher elevations and therefore, it is often a lot cooler than along I-10 (where you'll see 100-110 F temps in Tucson-Toltec-Phoenix area).


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