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    Default Motorcycle cross country trip from West Point NY to Marina Cal

    I will be going cross country in 2 weeks and need some help in what route to take. From what information I could get I 80 has all kind of delays. How is I 40, I 20 or I 10 for a motorcycle cross country ride?

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Unless you've really gone through state by state and looked at the website of each and every DOT, it is very hard to say where you're going to find the most construction, and which construction sites are really going to cause you the most delays. I'm not aware of any spots with unusually large delays on I-80, and Personally, that really would not be much of a factor in which route I'd take, because this time of year, construction really can't be avoided.

    Having said that, some more information on your plans and what you are looking for is really needed to know which route might be "best" for you. How much time do you have for this trip, are there any things you want to see, do you want to stick to the Interstates.

    Those are all the kinds of things that will provide the answer about which choice might be best for your trip.

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    Default Two weeks ?

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    Are you leaving in 2 weeks or do you have 2 weeks to ride across the country ? If you have 2 weeks then I would be looking to see what it is that appeals to me along the way and for me personally, that would include [out of the Interstates] I70 west of Denver. If you are just looking for the quickest way across country then adding a few hundred miles heading south to avoid a possible delay on I80 wouldn't make much sense, although I would still most likely opt for I70. Lots of sight seeing opportunities if you have the time.

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    If I were going to do this, I'd take either I-70 or I-40. As pointed out above, I-70 is definitely scenic, especially between Denver and 70's terminus at I-15. That said, I-40 also has some very pretty spots. The only problem with I-10, is that it's darned hot in TX, NM, and AZ at this time of the year.


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    Default What do you want?

    Have to agree with Michael. I have recently spent some time on I-70 in IN and IL and the construction was relentless. Just now spent a good deal of time on I-40 west of OKC, and you certainly get your share there too.

    Best route for you really has nothing to do with construction, but all to do with what you want to get out of this trip.


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