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    Hi all,

    My partner and I are planning a road trip come this September 2014. We will we moving from Winnipeg, MB, Canada to Vancouver, BC, Canada.
    We have about 2 weeks - 1 month of free time and were hoping to do a road trip through America and up the Pacific Coast, ending in Vancouver.
    Family members of mine have a place in Palm Springs and have warned me that it is a long drive. We will be skipping Palm Springs, but that only saves us about 4 hours en route to Santa Monica. The last road trip we did was in Australia where we traveled from the Gold Coast, QLD up to Cape Tribulation, and then back down ending in Canberra, ACT. That was a total of appx. 5200 km in 12 days. We had a great time, but were very rushed! So far from what I have searched it looks like the total kms of this trip will be appx. 6000 km... we would prefer to have more time to do this one. We were originally thinking 2 weeks, but comparing the two trips I believe 1 month would be better. Any thoughts?
    We have been to LA and Palm Springs, as well as Seattle but never in between! Any help or advice from any one who has either done a road trip along the coast, or from Central Canada to the LA area would be very helpful!


    PS I have already gotten some negative feedback from friends and family informing that this trip is just not feasible, and that we are fully bonkers for wanting to do it. Trust me, I am taking everything in to consideration. Any advice you have would be much appreciated!

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    Default No Reason Not To

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    OK - yes, there are a few reasons not to go from Winnipeg to Vancouver by way of Santa Monica, such as the time and cost involved. But if you want to do a RoadTrip (and most people on these forums do!) that is a perfectly reasonable trip to fit into two weeks. Taking four would make it even more relaxed and enjoyable. So at this point, if you want to do this, start ignoring your friends and figure out what it is you want to see along the way, what kind of pace you'd like to set for yourselves, and what kind of time frame you would need to accomplish those goals to your own satisfaction.


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    I can only think of a few reasons why this trip would NOT be possible -- one would be if you're trying to drive or tow a vehicle such as a U-Haul, and the other would be budget. Those would be the two hardest to work around, but NOT totally impossible! Many folks have worked in a vacation, or seeing a little of the country, while trying to move from one place to another. I'm thinking that most of the regulars here have done that at one time or another -- I know, I have!


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