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    I'm planning a trip to Shartlesville and I'd welcome ideas on what else we could see on the trip. We'll be leaving from NYC and have about three days this August. I prefer to stay off the Interstates and take the back roads.

    Anyone have suggestions? I love little-known places, rather than mainstream things like Hershey's.


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    Default Back roads and mountain settlements.

    Hi Mark, and Welcome to the Great American Roadtrip Forum.

    Is this a one way trip, or a round trip?

    I am more familiar with the 'back roads' in PA than NJ, though I have had the pleasure of touring over some. Until you get west of the Morristown area you are pretty well in suburbia. However, from there I would choose some minor roads which lead to US-46 at Hackettstown. This then will lead you to the Delaware Water Gap, a nice area to take a spell.

    From there you could take US-209 through the LeHigh Valley and the lovely hamlet of Jim Thorpe with Hickory SP and the Boulder Fields nearby, as well as many other small mountain settlements. Minor routes, such as 61 and 183 could take you south towards Shartlesville.

    But of course, that is only one, of dozens of options you have. Get hold of a good map, such as AAA (free to members), and see just which would suit you best. For my part, you can't go wrong in this area of PA, just about all roads are scenic and the little mountain towns all have something to offer... all have their own personality.


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    Thanks for the suggestions!

    Yes, it's a round trip, to and from Manhattan. I want to see the Roadside America miniature village, other small roadside attractions, and some of the beautiful PA scenery. Love eating in small family diners and staying in small roadside motels - especially cabin motels! Anyone know of any good ones?

    Seeing the back roads in PA is our goal - I'll definitely get a map and start exploring.

    If anyone else can recommend some good back roads or attractions, feel free. I just hate the Interstates.


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    Quote Originally Posted by marknyc View Post
    I just hate the Interstates.
    You're not alone. It is a common theme.

    A couple of small places which I have thoroughly enjoyed, and which have the sort of venues you are looking for are, the already mentioned, Jim Thorpe and Ashland, another lovely mountain town with the local businesses and amazing architecture along the main street.


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    Default The Long Way There (or Back)

    A round trip offers you the luxury of taking two completely different routes on your way out and back. If you have a bit more time for one than the other, or are simply looking for an alternative to the excellent US-46/US-209 route that Lifey gave you (which by the way will get you within easy detour distance of one of my favorite scenic destinations in that area, the Delaware Water Gap), let me suggest that you swing even farther north on your other leg. This would take you up through the Poconos (known for their 'honeymoon' cabins). Described eastbound, from Jim Thorpe you would string together the 'back' roads PA-903, PA-115, PA-940, PA-423, PA-507, PA-196, PA-590, US-6, US-206, and NJ-15 through towns such as Gouldsboro, Hamlin, Shohola Falls, Milford and Lafayette back to the western exurbs of New York and I-80. Such a route not only take you through some great countryside but brings you past the northern end of the Delaware Water Gap as well.


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