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    I'm new to this forum/site, and my lap top is situated on top of a AAA map of the southern states. I've enjoyed reading many of the posts already, but this one seems to apply to my trip next year. We just booked our condo in Kissimmee for July 11, 2015 and are planning on driving down with our four children (at travel time they will be 6,8,10, 12) from just north of Boston.

    A few years back we did the drive to Williamsburg via Cape May, Delmarva and CBB- and the kids still talk about it. So, we'd like to incorporate that into our trip thinking we'd stay a night in Wildwoods or Cape May. (we camped last time- and won't do that again! but we may stash an air mattress or two for hotel floors). And I've read the posts that suggest this route and then onto 95- which sounds great. But, then what???????? Where do you stay that second night? I really can't see an overnight at South of the Border.... :)
    And then, would it make sense to spend a third night near Jekyll Island or Cumberland Island and then have a quick ride into our 'real' destination?

    And, then we'd like to take the westerly route back. My husband has only hiked it, so we're not going his way..... So we really need some direction/suggestions on a two or three night trip back. Time isn't a big deal, we're both school employees, but cost is. (many mouths to feed and heads to rest) :)

    So, I'll keep following and take any tips! Thanks! (please let me know if I should start my own thread?)

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    Default Spending the Night

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Before planning where to spend the second (and third) nights of your drive down to Kissimmee, I'd make sure that you have confirmed reservations for the Cape May-Lewes Ferry if you plan to send the first night on the Jersey side of the Delaware Bay. Without such reservations, you run the risk of getting bumped to the next scheduled sailing. and delaying your progress for the rest of your trip. Personally, I'd probably try to take the ferry on the first day and press on to Salisbury MD. Assuming you have a confirmed early morning reservation, or cross on the first night, then a good target for the second day would be Fayetteville NC. As with any city with a large military installation (Fort Bragg in this case) there will be plenty of accommodation choices for you to pick from.

    And certainly I'd encourage you to take breaks from driving each and every day you're on the road, especially with children. If this adds half a day or so to your overall driving time, it's still better to arrive in two and a half days rested and having enjoyed the trip rather than in two days cranky and tired of being cooped up with each other for 8-10 hours a day in a small moving box. Besides smaller venues all along the highway, the two sites you mention, Jekyll and Cumberland Islands, would be good. I'll list a third: the Okefenokee Swamp. Staying overnight in the Jacksonville area would leave you about a two and a half hour drive on your final morning into Kissimmee.

    As for a 'western' trip back, one is described in some detail here so have a look at that and see if it suits your needs.


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    Default For the children.

    Hi, and Welcome to the Great American Roadtrip Forum.

    Hotel rooms typically will not allow more than four per room (insurance, etc,), with the exception sometimes of an infant or very small child. All of your children are well past that. You may find this site helpful in finding appropriate accommodation.

    All of your children are old enough to keep a journal. If you have not already instituted this habit, you may like to think about it. Nothing elaborate. A simple school book to write in will do. In these the children can record the most memorable moments of the day in words or sketches, or pictures cut from brochures. Perhaps include a stub from an entry ticket, a photo printed out and/or something picked up along the way - such as the serviette or table mat from a diner.

    Twenty minutes before bedtime is all it takes, and a little encouragement from the parents.... but no prompting. Especially for the young ones. Get them to record what they remember as the 'best', rather than what you want them to remember. You could get some surprises.

    [I have just been on a trip with two grand daughters (7 & 9). At the end of the trip it was an absolute delight and eye opener, to read their journals.]


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    Thank you for the reservation idea. I think my children would enjoy an afternoon at Wildwoods, because we've been there once before, we think they'd love to 'relive it' at their ripe old ages. (Haha)

    Is there anything to do in Fayetteville? I will certainly check the smaller venues link. We have some great planning ahead, thanks!

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    Big family travel has me laughing quite a bit Lifemagician! Thank you for that forever useful link!
    As a school teacher, I certainly love the idea of the daily journal. Quite often, even on trips to nearby Boston or the Whites,we have to remind the kids to look up from their books and look around!!

    Thank you very much!

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